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Adderall and Penis enlargement

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  • Adderall and Penis enlargement

    How does adderall effect erecrion quality? My assumption is that itís bad for your EQ/blood flow.....

    I have a prescription but I donít want to take it if itís going to have a negative effect on Penis size.


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    Adderall messes with your blood flow so it will much harder to get an erection at all while you're on it. Especially if you have just started taking it. I've been taking adderall for about 8 years and I've literally had to have sex with my girlfriends with a soft one in the past for about 10 mins until it became hard enough to actually have good sex lol they understood though. IF you plan on having sex dont take it that day, and for the love of god DONT take it more than 5 days a week. Use L-Arginine, eat some celery, and continue doing workouts to improve EQ.
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      I've been taking adderall and other various stimulants for 25 years, and I did notice when I started having sex, that higher doses drastically effect erection quality. This is exacerbated by alcohol and cigarettes as well, but if I maintain a low, regular dose, drink plenty of water, and spank it porn free about 4-5 times a week, I can still get an instant erection that's rock hard, and stick it to my girlfriend good (it does prolong ejaculation for me as well). Plus my doctor told me if I didn't take it on my days off, that it would almost be equivalent to driving drunk, which is also very true in my experience. If you don't HAVE to take it, I wouldn't even start... There are better alternatives I would imagine.


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        I take 20mg of Adderall ER daily. It's a vasoconstrictor and can contribute to, but does not necessarily cause ED. When I've had sex shortly after taking Adderall, I've experienced prolonged stamina. I can get rock hard perfectly fine as long as the girl is sexy and into it.

        So take your damn Adderall, it's worth it.
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          Thanks guys looks like Iíll probably take it then, just Keep the dos as low as possible..


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            Most men with whom I've spoken with who've been on Adderall have complained of negative side effects.
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