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How do I focus on the tunica

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  • How do I focus on the tunica

    I believe, because of my specs, that all of my length gain has been in my ligs and none in my tunics. This is because my NBPEL has not moved but my BPEL has. I believe that the gain is merely a lower attachment point at the top of the base to the suspensatory ligament. And that my tunics has not budget because the shaft is simply NOT protruding any farther straight out. This is a discouraging thought and I'd appreciate any facts, opinions or suggestions.

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    I don't understand how it is possible to gain BPEL but not NBPEL, unless your fatpad has increased.

    Anyways, to target the tunica, you can do flaccid bends and tunica tugs. At least 3 months of conditioning is advised, I believe. Personally, I've had good success with this, but mainly in the girth department. Also, bundled stretches and the Mandigo stretch works on the tunica, but I have no experience with those.
    Start, May '17: BPEL 7.2" x MSEG 5.5"
    December '17: BPEL 8.1" x MSEG 5.9"
    February '18: BPEL 8.2" x MSEG 5.75"

    Long-term goal: BPEL 8.5" x MSEG 6.25"


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      Well, I theorize that if the top of the base is stretched away from the pelvis then more of the shaft is measurable from the top, which is where we take our BPEL measurement from. However, if the total organ length is the same, then it will not protrude farther straight out because the attachment point near the anus doesn't change. I'm no doctor, and I really don't have a clue, but all I can do is speculate from the details of my results. My body weight hasn't changed.