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5Gs vs Citrulline. Which would you pick?

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  • 5Gs vs Citrulline. Which would you pick?

    Hey guys,

    Unfortunately I cannot afford a month supply of both. Seeing that the 5Gs is basically improving circulation and that Citrulline seems to do a great job at that. Which one would you pick?

    I can, if I go to the Citrulline route, to increase the amount of real ginger, garlic and green tea I eat/drink in my diet, but no where near of supplementation levels.


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    I have tried Arginine, Citrulline and 5G, and various combinations of each. In the end I still take 5G daily.

    I have a half bottle of Arginine left over for emergencies (long days, feeling burnt out, the indicates she wants some a little later, so pop a Arginine)

    If you are to choose just one, go with 5G, IMHO.
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      I've been taking 5g arginine and wondered what the equivalent dosage of citrulline would be? Should I just be taking 5g daily of citrulline to equate to the arginine I've been taking?