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Size Fluxuation from Overworking

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  • Size Fluxuation from Overworking

    I had a steady increase of .5 inches in size after about a month and a half of 'correctly' doing PE. I was doing the DLD routine plus 15 minutes of jelqing.

    I did a slight modification to the workout seeing that I had an increase, which resulted in my unit having some skin tearing and the loss of my gains almost overnight. I had a similar instance happen back in the spring which caused me to quit PE for a few months before recently starting up again in the late summer (at that incorrectly).

    While the erect length seems to have went away, the stretched bone pressed seems to have stayed the same, which I suppose is good news?

    I've been on a bit of a hiatus again for a few days, assuming that the best thing to do was give it a short break before starting up again tomorrow or later this week; using the non-modified version of my initial workout.

    Has anyone else experienced something similar? What did you do to fix/counter this? Did you see your gains come back moderately fast, or did you have to start from square one?

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    Forgot to mention, I would typically take one to two days off a week during the workouts.