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  • Wondering and worried

    hi guys sweet pe here.i was wondering and thinking about sizes that would be great for me,but then i get a lot of anxious just by thinking you know,im 11 cm erect.i watched some result from people wich had near 8 inches star size and reached 9 or also some people like that,already had a big pennis in flaccid and erect and someones are black know that they tend to be atletic and all that.genetics,in resume.
    so i was thinking,im 11 cm and i did a photoshop of only duplicating the lenght but i know is impossible to reach near 22 cm or even 20.thats why im mad and angry cuz my genetics.i dont know what to think or very thankfull to have a good looking pennis,veiny and estetic.but i feel that bother of not having a big one.or also how would be to for example,jerk off having a 9 inch know.
    of course im straight,no bi or homo.
    what advices you have people?this is just for me,not womans.i feel very humillated for having this a pain that come and goes,but then return.
    somebody have something like that or had?
    i made a 2 pic album of my vision,before and after and i admit it,looks great and quite impressive.but is just my dream,a fantasie.knowing that is may be impossible,make me sad.......
    thanks for reading people.hope you can understand.just dont tell me thinks like size doesnt matter or stuff like thath.some people have been saying me that,but they were 7,8 or above know.
    thanks again.waiting answers from you people.take care and until next post.......

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    So what is it you want people to say to you??? Absolutely, that's why you are here. That being said, size matters to each of us. That doesn't mean all of us are right. Knowing how to please a woman is so much more than size! The girl I am with now has only had one vaginal orgasm in her career. Guess what it was from a man with a 2" penis.

    Now my girl has been with some big dicks 9", 8", married to a man with a penis probably a little less than 8". So try to explain to me how these big dicks were out done by a 2" dick??

    My goal is to use what I got to it's fullness.
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      i said is not for womens,just for may feel to have an 8 inch dick.....probably the 2 inch dick guy were atractive in face.
      i known girls to choose pretty faces instead of big dicks.but im talking for me,not for womens.
      thanks for response.will wait more of them.