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  • Over pumped..

    Hi did this ever happen to anyone.? I really over did it this morning.. by excessive pumping at high vacuum after a 3 day rest, and after ejaculated a small amount of pink semen came out.. together with regular semen. Did i damage anything ? :/

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    Sounds like your internal plumbing has been stressed so that somewhere in the pipes, blood mixes in with your semen.

    Allow plenty of rest time, no play with pee pee, take a weeks free vacation and go out shopping, see a movie, eat some pizza, walk in the park.

    You will be ok.
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      Probably a small cut somewhere in your urethra. Research that on the forums, its common and heals relatively quick.


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        After 3 weeks of not masturbating.. i decided to do it again and i once again had some brownish in my semen..


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          You might have an infection, if it's itchy to pee drink lots of water. Like lots in one day, flush out the pipes.
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