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Gained Girth But Not Length

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  • Gained Girth But Not Length

    Hi everyone. I started the exercises just 3 weeks ago with only jelqing routine. I gained a little bit girth on this time period. I don't know how much. I couldn't measure before starting exercise but it's enough to realize it. Maybe 1 cm?

    Actually i don't wanna gain girth too much. My first priority is length. How can i gain lenght? According to articles jelqing routine is one of the penis "enlargement" exercises. When we say enlargement it means gaining girth and length in same time. If i continue the jelqing routine can i gain length? If it's not what do you suggest for the length exercise?

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    I'd keep going with your routine for a while longer. Get conditioned and gain awareness of PIs.

    I am in the same boat, but have been at it for years now, not weeks... I have gained girth, and a little bit of length.

    I think manual exercises are the way to go, there are some really good threads on here with guys that have gained lots of length from stretches. I'll try to provide an update with manual stretches in about 6 months time!

    Good luck!