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How often should I masterbate if I'm wanting increase penis size

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  • How often should I masterbate if I'm wanting increase penis size

    Should be a straight forward answer? I tried researching this but I don't get the right results.

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    Some guys masturbate whenever they want, some hold back. It will take experimenting to find what works best for yourself.


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      Masturbation only affects EQ, IMO. Well I could talk about this for days..

      Peel the banana two or three times a week.

      Welcome to the jungle!

      You never slow down, you never grow old!


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        Also posted here:

        Frivolous masturbation can deplete the libido and contribute to negative conditioning. Reserve your ejaculations for live sexual activity and/or stamina training.
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          Agree with Big Al. Assuming that you do not have a female playmate, keep the ejaculations to the business at hand. If I might suggest, never forgo sex with your favorite lady for PE. Sex wins. Every time.

          At this point in time, I am ejaculating during just about every edging/stamina session. I would suggest that every second or third edging session would be much more ideal. Everyone is different, but moving toward that (every second or third edging session) will likely help you and your PE journey big time.
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