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  • Let's Talk Manual Girth Temp Gains

    Been close to three months into working with Big Al (great guy, great service). I wanted to ask others experience, who do focused manual girth work (i.e., not pumping!), their experiences of the temp gains.

    Today I'm doing a 'shock routine' (a very systematically focused and intensive day of training whose specifics I won't share so as to protect Al's paid services; will say that I am highly pleased with what his model of training is doing for me today) and experiencing the most temporary girth expansion I've ever seen without using a pump.

    I heard lots of people say that Squash Jelqs would expand girth temporarily, but couldn't get that to land for myself. With Al's training, however, each week it's almost like the tunica is softening and I'm getting slightly more and more balloon like temporary girth expansion.

    I know everyone's body is different, but does anyone have a sense of how temporary girth gains from manual training come to last longer than a few hours to a day? When did this start to become lasting/semi-permanent/permanent for others? Today I've so far expanded .25" girth wise over the last many hours, though I am skeptical this will last.
    6.5 x 4.5"
    6.75 x 5" (Not training length!)