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In need for encouragement!

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  • In need for encouragement!

    Ahh guys, what can I tell you ..

    As I've said in my previous thread - I have started my new and intensive routine and everything feels great and all.

    But GOD, the routine takes so much time:
    - 3 hour phallosan yellow pressure.
    - warm up: 8 minutes
    - basic stretch 2 sets
    - fast jelqs: 420 reps (each jelq = 2 strokes) + 20 each session.
    - wet SLOW jelqs: 55 (+5 each session)
    - Ulis - 4 sets, 30 seconds each.
    - warm down: 8 minutes
    - Phallosan for 2-3 hours more on yellow - red pressure.

    This is so much time - and the Phallosan, which takes the most of the times bothers me the least - it's the routine itself!
    My god I stay in the shower for so long and to think I need to keep it up for months makes want to cry.

    Don't get me wrong here, PI's are GREAT - no pain, thick penis after training, no fatigue EVERYTHING IS PERFECT and I am now at the peak of my conditioning.

    But man, if I truely want to gain, sacrefises must be made

    Any word/advice of encouragement will be greatly apprecieted
    Started: 29/11/2016
    NBPEL:5.4.. 5.6.. 5.7
    BPEL:6.. 6.2.. 6.3
    MSEG: 4.8.. 4.9
    BEG: 5
    BPFSL: 5.4.. 6.2
    What the mind thinks the body follows
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    Consistency and intensity over volume.Pin point your most effective exercises, and increased the intensity.Also you can seperate length and girth work.