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Entering Third Week: Fast Gains?

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  • Entering Third Week: Fast Gains?

    I'm entering my third week of PE, I wasn't planning on measuring until the end of the second month, but temptation took the better of me. I noticed my flaccid length increased a bit. Bone Pressed length, stretched and normal erect length by .2 inches. Erections are stronger as well, however while erect I'm becoming much closer to ejaculation quicker. I', guessing that was from not masturbating since starting PE.

    How long on average does it take to see major results? I'm not being impatient about it, as I see some people make themselves go insane over not seeing instantaneous gains. Assuming I keep gaining at the same rate, I'd say that would be around .4 inches a month?

    I feel like there are other indications that go into PE besides the workout themselves, seeing that a lot of people seem to have their gains increase at different rates. Maybe diet and sleep? For those of you who are fast gainers, what other things do you do health wise that you think may have helped your gains?

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    Sounds like things are going great so far, congrats! Enjoy this while you can but don't get used to gains coming this quickly. I remember my eyes almost bulged out of my head when I measured after my first month and had gained .25" erect length. I did the same thing and extrapolated the data assuming I would get a full inch in just 4 months, I would reach my goal and be done. Unfortunately that was not the case. Stay patient and the results come
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      If you've been reading the START HERE link at the top left of this page then you realize that everyone gains at different rates.
      Focus your attention on learning to perform your exercises with quality reps and really getting the feel for the exercises. As a beginner, once you measure those first gains, the urge to pull harder, jelq harder can be hard to resist. It's human nature to think that more is better. Don't fall into this trap gainsaregreat. Doing so can put you on a path to injury and that won't help you achieve those goals that you desire.
      It's not unusual for beginners to notice a period of pre-E early in the process of PE. Fortunately, as you continue to condition yourself that will pass.
      Keep reading and learning and consider starting a log in the progress forum to help you stay motivated when the gains slow down as they most certainly will.
      PE is a long term process, so just stay focused on the process and stay safe. That is a goal you can achieve every time you do your routine.
      Congrats on the early gains and keep on tugging!
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        domnus gave you the advice you need for starts.

        Immediete gains are seen when initialy raising EQ, they're called "Newbie gains".

        Real gain would probably come fter 3-6 months of constant training with the routine that works for you

        you might be investing few months in finding the routine that works for you + learning how to do the routine

        Best of luck
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          Congrats on the newbie / EQ gains. Keep it up to see true physical gains as well. Those will be slower, ballpark for me has been 1/4" per 3 months.
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            I'm a noob, but from reading and logic I would agree with the above comments regarding EQ. Pre-PE I could easily have a .25" difference based on EQ. I've only done 4xJP & 2xBathmate and last night I felt like I had gained .5". Even though it did feel as though my inner-penis might have slipped out a little, it's probably just down to having a very vital erection last night.

            I've seen a lot of posts mentioning very substantial gains within 1-2 months. I think most of the is probably down to better EQ. If you can go from EQ 5 to 8 in two months, that will probably be .5" for most guys. It's also possible that some guys ligs quickly unfurl a good bit of inner-penis. But looking at people who have good galleries, it seems that 1" gains over 12-18 months is good.
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                Thank you for the responses everyone.

                Guess I got lucky with newbie gains so far. I'm going to keep up my current workout for a few more weeks before modifying, since injury is a possible risk and all.

                Good luck to you all as well!


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                  Congratulations on your gains!

                  Stick with it if its working and most likely the gains will slow down, but you will still be gaining nonetheless.
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