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  • Air Pump Suggestions?

    Looking for a quality air pump with gauge, price doesnt matter as long as its available in EU

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    This is the best price/performance I've found so far. I use it every week it's great. Not sure if it's okay to post the link here.
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      Thanks although i dont understand a word on that site
      edit: nvm just found the translate button


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        I recommend this air pump from sohimi

        It comes with vagina onahole that feels amazing pump is super strong. Plus you can use both at same time to keep max erect while pumping. Also only cost 50$ Canadian really good buy!!!


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          My preference would be the Harbor Freight brake bleeder pump with vacuum gauge ($28) combined with the wide rim LeLuv cylinder ($35). You will need a male connector - You can buy one online at McMastercom for only $1.30. The PN you want is 5012K251. Enter that part number on the home page.

          I have made good use of this set-up for over ten years.
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