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A few questions regarding extenders in one thread

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  • A few questions regarding extenders in one thread

    Hi there, I bought Penimaster pro just a two weeks ago, and after struggling for a few days I am getting around fine.
    I have a few questions for the more experienced guys out there.
    Some people say that the ideal is to use the extender for 3 to 6 hours. Can I use 8 hours every day? would it be better? or the rest for the rest of the day a better policy? Is there a statistic by now regarding to this?
    That was the first question.
    Second question is, after a few good streching sessions my penis feels like rubber, does it mean it is getting ready to increase its size? I understand that gains come after at least one month after using the extender everyday. But as it is a bit rubbery, shall I try to increase the pressure or shall I take it slowly?
    That is it for now. Thanks.

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    1. Well, the thing with a vac extender like penimaster pro is that they require a ton of pressure to hold the glans inside the cap, compared to a normal extender and the stretch/pull/tension it provides. So basically 3 hours in a normal extender could be compared to 6 hours in the pm vac extender, theoretically. Try 6-8 hours but make sure you take restday to heal. Especially your glans will thank you for that. Remember that if your using the belt around the waist your pulling on one side more then the other, which could lead to overtraining on ligaments, make sure to switch sides every next hour.

    2. Try to extend towards your bpfsl. The rubber feeling you get from your banana is temporary. That is why when your locked inside an extender after a while your banana adapts and you can increase tension/length, it just means your banana is now warmed up and ready to stretch more for a short period of time.
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      Thanks a lot Alex.
      The vacuum is actually an interesting concept, I tried phallosan forte before and I believe it is overrated. It is fragile and I didn't experienced any gains after a few months using it, apart from the fact that it takes for ever to mount it.