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How much increase in length should you pump to when using Bathmate?

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  • How much increase in length should you pump to when using Bathmate?


    I have been using Bathmate X30 since January 2021, but haven’t really seen any actual permanent gain in either length or girth.

    I have been on average using the Bathmate for about 20 mins a session, with 3 to 4 sessions a week, sometimes 5 sessions a week.

    I am wondering is it because I have not been pumping enough pressure. For the first 3 months, as I was worried about going to high pressure too soon, I did not use the additional pump. Actually during then, even the temporary increase was not much.. Only starting in April, i then start to use the additional pump and I saw that there was a much more obvious temporary increase… mainly in the girth… but nothing that last for more than few hours…

    I am just wondering is it because I did not subject my penis to enough pressure for it to grow… but how high a pressure can I go?

    Since there is no pressure gauge, I am wondering whether can we use the increased in length we get as an estimate? Though people may have different expansions rate, I thought if there is sort of an experiment or enough data, we may be able to determine the amount of pressure to use that can stimulate growth…

    I am currently at 6”… I can’t seem to get a good seal with the comfort pad, so I am not using that… without the comfort pad, I usually pump till I am 6-3/4”. Sometimes I could reach 6-7/8 or even 7”.. Is that enough pressure to stimulate growth?

    Or it is not enough with 3 to 4 days a week of pumping?

    Hope to hear from your experience. Thank you.

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    Half an inch or more than your bpel in bathmate is good for growth. Since pressure doesn't seem to be the issue here you may want to consider some changes. It can take up to half a year to see any gains from bathmate, so there's always that chance that you might be in gaining territory the next months to come. 3-4 sessions is okay but I would always recommened letting him heal those red spots (if you have any from pumping). If you want to try more pressure you can try using a towel to dry hands and the bathmate so can pump even harder. Try to spread the 3 sessions around the week so you have at least 24 hours rest before pumping again. I personally would never only bet on one horse, meaning I would also add another pe training method like jelqing/extending etc. Back when I started my journey with bathmate it took a year to gain about half an inch. It's a very slow process.
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      I've wondered the same thing myself...Ive been using it for two years now as mostly a stand alone...I haven't gotten very much into some of the other pe methods like stretching and jelqing..although I agree with the second poster that BM is likely best when paired with other methods...Also, I like the Monday Weds Friday routine with BM...I do get greedy sometimes and want to pump more days...and I did that for awhile...I haven't gained much if any length...maybe .25 but that may be just better erections...Girth I believe im up about 1/2 inch but I do feel like to keep it you need to pump a few days a week..

      Often im finding that im tempted to pump harder like I did in my initial months after first getting used to it...But then I had stretching with the skin around my balls and I tried to be more cautious...I think this is almost unavoidable at least to a small extent when doing PE...Recently I have been pumping a bit harder...I used the comfort ring though to prevent slippage of the balls or surrounding skin..Sometimes I even use the cushion pad with the comfort ring...I did pump some times without anything and you do reach much further without this stuff...I do wonder if the folks that get the best results with BM simply use nothing...


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        Thank you for your reply. Will try it out.


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          I would be happy with just increase in the girth… but till now, there isn’t any permanent increase yet.