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I guess I was wrong about being too big for the hydromax9

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  • I guess I was wrong about being too big for the hydromax9

    Okay so I began using the hydromax9 for about 1 week and after that week finished I had sex with my girlfriend last night and I wasnt giving her that reaction that I usually did when I was using the 7, It even felt more open not as tight so I was hmmm whats going on, I asked her about it and she basically said it in nice words that it felt a bit smaller than last time and im like hmmm thats weird and this week after using the hydromax9 I havent been getting that crazy bathmate pump that happens when I was using the 7. So this morning I tested out my theory and I began using the hydromax7 again, its crazy cause yes water leaked out too quickly but it gave me that crazy pump within 2 minutes. I think I was too small for the 9? and all this time I was using the 7 wrong, however water does come out when I close the hydro as quick as I can, literally the water is almost half ways gone however it still gave me a better gripping pumping girth effect than the 9, I don't get that effect with the 9 to be honest.How does someone know when they are too small for a certain device? Cause when I use the hydromax7 my penis is touching the 7 inch mark on the 7 at full pump release. What yall think?

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    By the way here is a good demonstration of what happens when I use the hydromax7.
    The yellow part being my penis and the red line is the air however it still gives me that gripping pumping effect.
    Should I continue to use the 7?


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      The bigger the bathmate is the more water it holds and you need to pump a lot more to get the same effect. Maybe you can make a test run with both 7 and 9 and pump to your max and see how big you are in both and how much pressure you feel. It looks like you're right between both.
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