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Discomfort at the base of the extender

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  • Discomfort at the base of the extender

    Most extenders have the same design so Iím sure this can apply to anyone whoís had this issue regardless of brand.

    Iím on week 12 and it seems this week this issue is more pronounced than it has been

    Iím getting extreme discomfort at the base of the extender. Almost a burning like itís cutting off circulation and causing a wider penis at the base of that makes sense. Almost like swelling. But when I take it off and just stretch out with my hand all looks normal and even. I have been trying to lift it off to release some pressure but itís hard to hit my full hour per session. On the QEP the base is already small and the dip in the base isnít big enough to relieve pressure.

    Has this happened to anyone?

    Any suggestions?

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    I occasionally get discomfort where the base sits on my scrotum, but that's almost always because I didn't flatten out the area first and had a crease under the base. But my PMP base is quite differently shaped than the QEP. Maybe the Burrito will come along and comment.
    Start: BPEL 6.75', EG 5.8", BPFL 4.5", FG 4.7", BPFSL 7.0"
    05/2021: BPEL 7.65Ē, EG 6.0Ē, BPFL 5.8Ē, FG 5.0", BPFSL 8.0"
    Goal: BPEL 8.0", EG 6.0", BPFL 5.75" FG 5.0", BPFSL 8.5"


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      Pull your Johnson through your underwear hole so that the base is pressing into your underwear instead of your skin

      Bpel 8.125
      Bpsfl 8.187


      Bpel 8.625
      Bpsfl 8.937



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        I made a donut from a 3 or 4mm thick cardboard, i used and old rugged cardboard box cut to shape and with a hole in the center, then i put my dong through the hole in the middle and then attach the extender so the base rest on the cardboard ring instead of my pubis, thus protecting my spermatic cords, ligs and balls all at once.