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    If you want to gain substantial amounts, you need privacy, forget everything else, no matter how much money you have for devices, if your haven't got the time, then don't waste your Time

    ***your only going to toughen your dick make it impossible to gain ***

    You want gains do the jp 90 get all the easy gains they're proven More than any Device then and they're free if you can't commit to the jp90 don't buy devices...

    My advice ain't cheap x the big 3

    Buy Phalosan Bib and LG that's how I gained and I was half assed with no privacy and commitment can't remember my initial 5 3/4 bpel x 5 /1 /4 I think
    current bpel 7.1 * 5.75 eg. If I had had privacy and commitment god I don't even know if of had a dick made by the devil him self
    My suggestion do your jp 90 avoid all girth work.
    My routine was 10-20lb bib hanger straight down then use coco butter at base of dick it will hurt skin there first.
    LG Hanger for 1hr@ 10lb changing angle every so often (you'll feel that feels like gym muscle pain. Feels good). Then I massaged for 20 mins Toilet break etc then I used phallosan for as long as physically possible. My skin was a mess after this very sore
    I suggest either hydro cortisone cream (steroid) or a high quality nappy/diaper cream to recover id try to do this once a day

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    The JP90 does get a lot of good press...
    03/2015 Start <Able to last ~ 2 mins PIV>
    12/2019 EL: +2.2 MEG: +1 <Able to last 60+ mins PIV>


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      It's only like 50 minutes of exercise a day?

      Seems if you want it any better than that you might be struggling to find solutions?
      25th june 2020: BPEL 14cm x EG 11cm (NBPEL 11.5cm) NBPFL 8.5cm x FG 10cm
      5th August 2020: BPEL 16.5cm x EG 13cm (NBPEL 14.5cm) NBPFL 10cm x FG 10.5cm
      25th september: ??
      Goal 18cmx16cm