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    Long time lurker - ugh! that sounds creepy.

    Been reading this forum and a few others for a few years. I've 'always' had body dysmorphia and PreE challenges. Never had negative comments on my size, but rarely any positive comments either. Wife is fine with both issues - I am not. I've been doing half-hearted workouts in the shower for about 3 months prior to getting 'religion' but didn't see any noticeable improvements.

    Wife and I decided to ramp-up our quality time and get a hotel room once a month to escape the kids and normal routine. Wanted to try and make things better - so I decided to commit to PE.

    Diet/Supplements -
    Wanted bigger loads, so I started taking L-Arginine, L-Lysine, and Soy Lecitin. Will probably switch out the Soy Lecitin for Sunflower Lecitin when the soy runs out. The L-Arginine really amps up the testosterone and libidio - its awesome. As far as semen volume, I'm not sure it helps, unless I triple the Soy intake (and water) the day of our hotel stay and I think that works some. I also went on a low-card diet for the past 2 months.

    Workout -
    I am not (wasn't overweight) but wanted to drop 5 pounds and up my muscle volume - which I did through just doing the shoulder/back/arm portions of P90x seven days a week. I skipped the aerobic part as I think I get a good dose of that with the muscle workouts. I was able to drop 4 pounds and add a good amount of muscle. Almost got a 6 pack now. But I'm cutting back on the intensity as our beach vacation just finished. But, I also did this (and the diet) to minimize the fat pad, which is probably a little under 0.75"

    PreE -
    Not as committed to this - but I do try and incorporate reverse kegels into the stretching part of my workout. I also have incorporated deeper breathing techniques which has helped. The wife is now complaining a bit about marathon sessions (frankly, they still aren't that long 5-15 minutes depending on other environmental factors)

    PE -
    I looked at the JP90 program and created a modified version of that since I'd been doing some mild PE stuff prior, and its still evolving.
    - I do 2 or 3 days 'on' and 1 day 'off'....more on this later.
    - Clamping - 3 cycles of 10 minutes clamp, 5 minute off (no warm up cool down because of privacy issues) in AM
    - Warm-up - mild stretches/helicopters and a heating pad for about 5-10 minutes
    - 3 cycles of
    ..... 30 second bundled stretches (one rep in each direction)
    ...... 30 second Between the cheek
    ...... 30 second stretch each of up, down, straight out (reverse kegels while doing)
    ...... Repeat these for Middle, left, right (light stretch after each 9 minute cycle)..... do 3 cycles total 27 minutes
    - Warm-down - heating pad for 5-10 minutes
    - Wet Jelqs in shower - ~50 regular, ~25 jelq squeezes - would like to increase those but shower time is a factor
    - Have started to do ligament stretches with warmup (BTC, Up, Down, Middle on left, center, right) 7 days a week

    - Started at BPEL 6.25" and MEG 4.5"
    - 60 days later: BPEL 7:00" and MEG 4.75"
    - Wife is sneaking peaks very often now
    - The CalcSD website is awesome in helping me get past body image issue.
    - One of the benefits of Covid is that I can work from home and do this workout

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    Start 7.28 x 4.88 Current 8.11 x 5.43


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      Welcome to the gym
      Going an inch and 1/2 deeper than before


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        Welcome to the forum!
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          Wow excellent results .

          What is particularly impressive here, is not only an impressive pe result in a short time space but also physic and pre e improvement at the same time .


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            Impressive dedication. Have you tried l-citrulline? You might be interested in replacing l-arginine for a while to compare effects, since it removes a metabolic middle hand and further increases the availability of nitric oxide.


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              Originally posted by Largo LaGrande View Post
              Impressive dedication. Have you tried l-citrulline? You might be interested in replacing l-arginine for a while to compare effects, since it removes a metabolic middle hand and further increases the availability of nitric oxide.
              Well - 'working' at home gives me a lot of free time so I finally committed myself to something productive, IMO. I'll try the citrulline. It also seems to have brain-benefits which I'm all into. As I said above the Arginine does make me feel great and horny. My wife did ask me 'hey, what's up with that' which was cool. Wonder if citrulline gives similar benefits. I started taking arginine for semen volume, but I'm not that focused on that factor anymore.

              As far as the results (@ Pegasus) I measured about 4 months ago when I was only doing half-hearted stretching so those may not be true 60-day results. But I've been uber-focused on this for the past 60-75 days.