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Trying to find the main penisadvantage online book website. where is it located?

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  • Trying to find the main penisadvantage online book website. where is it located?

    Hi aperantly the website had moved to another website or it shut down, I am really not sure. All I could find was reviews about it and a .org website that I could not log into to view the book as apparently the username and password information to get access to the online book changed. I payed for the book so I should be able to get access to the online book. This is the book of my choice that I have chosen to use for penis enlargement or to help aid in it. there is 2 other books I know of witch are pdf books you can download after paying for it, one being the penis enlargement bible witch is very popular or you guys have probably herd or know of it. Any way the owner of the online book or website I am talking about, his name is FRANK, maybe you all know him. Anyone know where this website is located on the nets?

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      Hi, mabey someone can assist me further with this question if i give you all the link to the .ORG site

      it's located here, please take a look>>
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        sorry, we do not allow url's to monetized sites.

        that vendor has been penalized, with this stated explanation:

        "This site is no longer in service or has been disabled due to a terms of service violation."
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          No. PLEASE Stop with the bumping, please post something meaningful instead.
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