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bathmate injury, very worried

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  • bathmate injury, very worried

    Hey guys, I thought I would see if anyone has ever had a similar issue with the bathmate. I think I may have seriously injured my penis using this device, though I don't know if it's just temporary or what. First I should say that I've always had ED issues; I'm only 27 but I'm pretty sure I've had a venous leak or some related problem all my life. What this means is that it takes stimulation for me to get hard and I lose the erection quickly if the stimulation stops. Nevertheless, I've had quite a bit of good sex with partners that are patient.

    Anyway, I bought a bathmate about two months ago and started using it too vigorously. Never over 20 minutes, but usually between 10-20 minutes, and I probably went to full pressure too fast. Through all of this, though I would feel discomfort and stretching, I never felt pain, I never got the water retention, and I never got any blisters. Initially I just got a heavy, hanging flaccid penis, and after about a month, it seemed a little bigger and fuller all the time. Well, I fell out of the habit for about two weeks and started to notice something very disturbing. I had big, blue and purplish veins snaking up and down my shaft. And even worse, I am now smaller, not shorter, but a little thinner in both the flaccid and erect state. My penis does not hurt and my erections are about the same quality, though now it is more difficult and takes more stimulation to get harder. Before this I would occasionally wake up with an erection that would go down very quickly; since the accident I have not woken up with an erection at all. It appears that there is some bruised tissue on the underside of my penis, but it's hard to tell exactly what is normal, and I don't know exactly how it all looked before. It's been probably a little over a month so far and since then I've been masturbating and had difficult sex a couple of times. I have seen no improvement in function or size since I noticed the problems.

    I'm wondering how serious the damage could be or what exactly I might have done, or if anyone has ever experienced anything similar. I know I need to go to a doctor but I'm waiting on insurance to come through and in the meantime I wanted to get some opinions.

    In the meantime, I'm wondering if the policy should be abstaining from all pumping, masturbation, and sexual activity, or maintaining a certain masturbation/pe routine or what. I've probably lost .25-.50 in girth and I'm feeling pretty bad about it. Has anyone ever heard of a devastating pump injury that was permanent? Thanks for whatever you have to offer.
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    Hi C_lab

    My story is not too dissimilar. I started out doing too much too soon with a bathmate pump and ended up with a mangled penis after a 20 minute session at full pressure. It looked as though a string had been tied around it very tightly in 3 places along the shaft. Since then I’ve noticed much reduced flaccid and erect girth, probably around .25-.375 inches and a very noticeable difference in penis width when looking down from above. It’s been over 3 months since the injury, and function is close to normal, but it's visibly deformed with faint lumps along the shaft and is still much thinner.

    My guess is that we’ve both pumped at too high a pressure and ended up damaging the tunica albuginea, which has now healed but with scar tissue restricting the girth and especially width (the depth of penis seems unchanged, which would make a sense as this depends mainly on volume of cs).

    I’ve just bought an air pump that I planned to use at 2-3 hg, but initial impressions are that it’s not having any effect on cc (and hence tunica), but is causing cs to expand. I say that because penis width is the same after pumping, only depth is larger.

    My next step will be to run the JP90 program to see if jelqing, which involves massaging the tunica, helps to break up the scar tissue and restore girth. I think the key here is to focus on exercises that specifically increase penis WIDTH. Have you had any thoughts on remedial measures?


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      I was hoping to get some advice from others on here about remedial measures, and ultimately I'm going to track down a specialist, but that could take awhile to set up. I was thinking of light jelqing and pumping just to keep blood flowing. My main problem with jelqing is that I can't stay hard enough for it to be effective. I'm at maybe 40% at best. I was also thinking of using an air pump. Does that induce an erection even if you go in soft. When I used the bathmate I wasn't fully hard, and though it stretched me out, I didn't stay hard in it. How long did it take you for function to return?


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        40% will be just fine. Just go on the side of gentle. Schedule a 2 week break and see how you look after that.
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          Apply heat. Heat is God's gift to PE practitioners.
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            This thread scared me to death. After a few bathmate session I was already pumping at maximum pressure for 20 minutes. I managed to get 0.5' of temporary girth in the whole shaft, but I won't do that again anytime soon, apparently bathmate is not all that safe.

            Regarding your injury, surely you need to stop playing with your penis for a long while until you are recovered. You need to be more careful at watching your PIs, in the first sign of something wrong the first thing you should do is stop PE'ing, that's what everyone here advises. Good luck and keep us informed about your recovery.


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              I likewise started with bathmate and was a bit over zealous at first, but primarily black and blue spotting and weakened morning erection. Fortunately life circumstances (death of a family member) forced a 3 week break on me. My initial return to PE was with very light jelq at no more than 40%. When I returned to bathmate I decided to split my total daily time in 2. 3 min in morning and 3 min in evening adding 1 min each week.

              I think you've realized the most important step though, to see a urologist. Some imaging (ultrasound or MRI) will yield some information as to the nature of the ijury you sustained and that will give you more information as to how best to approach recovery.

              Hope this was useful.


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                This is terrifying.

                I too, use a bathmate, and when I first started using it I thought the thing was dangerous as hell. It was incredibly painful to use, felt very unnatural and I distinctly remember thinking "Must be pretty easy to do some serious damage if you're not careful."

                The packaged instructions talk about "maximum pressure" for 20 minutes a day as if that's the norm and fine to start at. IMO, anything near that without months of build up to this thing is asking to break your dick, for lack of a better way of saying it.

                I'm over a month into using my bathmate, and I only pump to about 50% for 5-10 minutes 5 days a week and HAVE seen more gains than I've ever had from jelqing/PE alone. However, I'll be the first to say even crazy gains aren't worth a heightened risk of injury.

                I really have to wonder if this contraption is really all that safe. I understand it's quite heavily endorsed here and not everyone will injure themselves, but it seems like a ticking timebomb for someone who is even slightly overzealous with it.

                And after reading this, I now stand at a crossroad. Whether to continue using it what I would call "carefully" or abandoning it altogether in favor of the tried and true manual routines alone.

                Edit: I don't mean to be a fear monger on a device I'm sure many are using successfully and safely, but I've never been a fan of vaccuum pumps to begin with (buying this only because of the water element), and I'd truly like some information from someone much more informed than I about the subject (who also isn't tied in with the company selling it).
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                  Bathmate is piece of junk that fills your dick with luiqed, me myself had a few days pain at the right side next to my dick when i pressed on it the pain went to my right testicle thank god everything is ok now
                  removed the dust from my andro-extender and start using it again!

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                    I've been using a bathmate for a while and can definitely say going anywhere near maximum pressure is not a good idea. 20 minutes at that will just give a massive amount of fluid build up which may make your penis temporarily much larger but I think is worse than useless in terms of long term gains. You're also looking at a lot of bruising and discolouration, and the possibility of injury. I took a break from using it for about a month to give my skin a chance to get back to normal. Since then my rules for the bathmate have been:

                    1)Never more than five minutes in one go without releasing the pressure.
                    2)No more than 10 minutes a day total
                    3)Only pump until I'm about half an inch below my normal erect length as measured on the gauge (due to the rubber section not being fully compressed this is actually about fully erect). It'll go at least 3/4s of an inch beyond that, but this is overdoing it.
                    4)Any noticeable fluid build up or bruising, even in small patches, stop immediately and don't even think about starting up again until all trace of this has gone.

                    Since then I seem to be getting at least as much in long term gains, without it being anywhere near as rough on my penis. Don't get tempted to see if you can get a bit further on the length gauge each time.


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                      If there were some sort of gauge so users could establish safe levels, that would help.
                      Doing anything to an undefined, unmeasurable 'Max' level, is alarming in my book.
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                        Very reasonable. I like it.
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                          This just happened to me, it's been about 3 weeks now, and my penis feels tight and restricted. I'm scared and depressed, this sounds exactly the same as what happened to me. From the bathmate i beleive ay too high intensity.

                          Does this get better?

                          It's not EQ, just my penis is constricted even my morning woods don't get much bigger than my flaccid, just hard and small.. I find it hard to do any normal tasks I am so worried and scared it wont go back to normal. If I stimulate to erection it gets painfully hard but wont get nearly as big anymore. length and girth
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                            You guys need to take care to increase pressure and time gradually. You can really hurt yourselves seriously if you don't!

                            If the measures recommended above don't help then please go to a doctor.
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                              If you are new to PE then you should start with a Hercules, once you hit a plateau then upgrade to the X30/40 series and eventually the Extreme.

                              There is no mention what device you are using but if you are new to PE and Maxing out with The X30 or Extreme series then there is your problem!

                              Spend time reading and educating yourself before going hell for leather!

                              Slow and steady guys........
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