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Finally... things going in the right direction with antibiotics - opinions?

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  • Finally... things going in the right direction with antibiotics - opinions?

    Want to share my story here - this will be a bit long. Been doing PE for about 5 years now. Great EQ, libido, etc... 27 years old, healthy male. You guys need to read this. I know some of you are reading this going, "not Butters again" … This time is different, I swear. Please just hear me out. This will help some of you.

    Let's get into it.

    When shit starts to hit the fan - early March 2019:

    Early March 2019 I pee my ex-girlfriend's bed. Weird. Next few days everything feels insane. Extremely sensitive ejaculation and green discharge.

    GF gets tested for STD. Negative. I get tested for STD. Negative. Doc writes it off as urethritis, contracted through sex, so technically an STI. But not gono, chlamydia, etc... Get tested for everything else, too, and nothing comes back positive. Sex drive was non-existent. Hard flaccid. PE. The works.

    Doc prescribes me one dose of Cefixime at 500mg and 7 days of Doxycycline, 200mg/day. My symptoms go away for a bit and I'm feeling like my old self again.

    When the Bathmate comes into play:

    April 2019, about a month after treatment ended with Cefixime/Doxy, I buy a Bathmate X30. You can see my many posts on this.

    Go a little bit too hard and I freak out. Purple penis for like 10-minutes post my first session. Thought I ruined myself. Made a bunch of posts on here about it. Was really, really close to losing it. I remember my dick actually turtling for the first time on my bike. Also, my scrotum had a mild hydrocele (more on this below), I would bleed/get constipated sometimes when I pooped... I mean dude it was just awful.

    But you will learn that my Bathmate had nothing to do with it, and after having come out of this on the other side, you should all know that the penis is extremely adaptable and you *will* heal if you just let it heal. I thought I seriously messed it up, though I'm convinced the bacterial infection just came back right around the time I bought the Bathmate (more on this below as well). If you notice above, the timing was just unfortunate, but I think the bacterial thing just came back around the same time I bought the Bathmate.

    - - -

    This mental and physical state goes on for about a year and a half up until this past July.

    During that time I easily saw 5+ uro's. Paid $400 for a "sex specialist" up here that basically told me I was fine and he offered to shoot botox into my dick (to which I declined). I got multiple tests for STD's, all of which came back negative. I've been tested for just about everything under the sun and its all come back negative. No one really knows what to do. I'm at a loss. Life just sort of goes on and I do whatever. Can still get it up, but just not happy with my guy anymore and I just sort of suck it up and deal with it.

    - - -

    This passed July:

    This all changed in July of this year. Girl I was seeing sort of breaks things off. I'm just like whatever at this point. Mind you, I started seeing her in 2020, so after the urethritis and all of the crap I thought I put myself through.

    I don't know what comes over me, but I get this idea to go to an urgent care and get tested again for STD's. I was convinced this girl was sleeping around on me, so wanted to be safe.

    I go to the Urgent Care here in my city and they ask me if I'd like to get treated regardless. I oblige and get a shot in the ass followed up with a week-long cycle of Doxycycline.

    Remember guys, I am under the impression that my Bathmate was the reason I "messed everything up" ... So I thought nothing about getting treated. I was just depressed and like whatever, yeah, treat me so I can have a clean slate.

    - - -

    Fast forward a few days after my last dose of Doxycycline around the end of July. It was a week-long treatment that started with a shot for Gonnorhea and then Doxy for Chlamydia (had neither, just a reminder).

    Out of nowhere, I get insanely horny. I mean dude I was ecstatic. You have absolutely no idea how ecstatic I was. No problems pooping, my balls are hanging as low as ever, things feel sensitive as hell... The works.

    I vividly remember sitting at my desk at work getting a massive, massive hard on out of nowhere. I look down and my unit is girthy as hell and I'm not even fully torqued. I literally had to go to the bathroom to rub one out. It was insane. I haven't felt like this in such a long time. I'm almost tearing up writing about it, lol.

    - - -

    With my newfound excitement, I call the girl up I was seeing prior to getting treated and tell her I need to see her. I mean dude I just need to have sex at this point. I couldn't hold it back. My unit was back and I wanted to use it. And I did. It was fucking insane.

    - - -

    Then boom, about a week or two later, my symptoms return. What the fuck, I thought. But I wasn't too pissed because I had an immediate point of reference with the Doxy. I go back to my doc again and get tested - comes back negative. That night, I sleep with a new girl and piss her bed.

    Then one morning I wake up and have this weird, like, feeling that something is in the tip of my urethra. Looks down and I see some clear stuff in the tip of my urethra. I touch it and it spreads like gum, so it's not piss. It's just clear though. I didn't have morning wood though so I doubt it's precum. But I do then take a piss and it smells funny. Call my doc again and demand to get tested. Comes back negative. Wtf. Doc says, look I can prescribe you Cefixime and Doxy again. I take it and the symptoms go away a week or two after treatment .....and then comes back again.

    - - -

    So at this point, I go to another urologist and tell him everything and how the only relief I have felt is when I get treated for an STD that I don't have (with antibiotics, essentially). He prescribes me Cipro and Doxy for a total treatment plan of 20 days. I get a tad scared considering I've been on antibiotics a lot and mention the candida thing as so eloquently laid out by our guy over at HardFlaccid, so he obliges and prescribes me Fluconazole for 10 days. I tell him I'll take the Fluco first to see if it helps anything (considering the infection keeps coming back) and then I'll take the cipro/doxy if that doesn't work out.

    - - -

    So, here I am. First day of Cipro down the hatch. I took the Fluconazole for about a week and just didn't experience any relief, so I stopped because my uro was like "I am almost 100% sure you do not have a fungal thing going on, but a bacterial one" ...

    So there you have it guys. Back on treatment for a third time and am going to do a 10-day round of Doxy after this 10 days on Cipro to hopefully wipe this out for good. Oh and I'm going to wear a condom every time I have sex because I've been seeing this new girl and we really get along well. I'm also going to abstain from any nicotine and alcohol, and maintain a healthy diet while working out and drinking a lot of water. I want to give my body the best chance at wiping this out.

    I guess, a few questions:
    - anyone have any idea why it comes back a week or two later after I finish Doxy on a 10-day cycle? This happened once before, but am hoping things will be different now that I'm taking cipro first.
    - Is there a difference between Doxycycline in a pill version and the hyclate version? The first time I saw relief in July was when I had the pill version. Just more or less curious about this.
    - Is it possible that my bed is giving me recurrent infections? I try to wash my sheets and keep clean. I'm considering getting a new mattress because I have peed the same bed drunk when I was in college, but this was before the urethritis.

    Anyone have experience in this? Did you eventually cure it with a long-term use of antibiotics? What's going on here? I don't want it to come back this time around. I'm really hoping this will be it (at least I'm hoping now, before I was just hopeless and thought I'd messed everything up for good). It's really relieving to know that there is something to be done here, and eye-opening to know that this all happened through unprotected sex, and the timing of purchasing the bathmate is roughly around the same time my symptoms would come back post Doxy in both scenarios.

    So this is a bacterial thing that is coming back after doxy treatment of 10-days. This is the first time I've taken Cipro followed by Doxy. I am hoping this will be the last and will keep all of you updated.

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    Isn't it strange that the infection has such an impact on you, yet not the ones that you're catching it from?

    You never slow down, you never grow old!