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Probably Pelvic Floor Issue but I feel it in my neck?

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  • Probably Pelvic Floor Issue but I feel it in my neck?

    Hey everyone, so I'm 31 (non-diabetic, slightly overweight but working out regularly) and I've very recently been having issues with my erections. I am rarely getting them in the morning and whenever I do get one naturally (which are few and far between) they do not last very long. I'm reducing porn viewing and going to completely stop myself from viewing it. I wasn't doing it everyday but I noticed that I had to stimulate myself in order to get any kind of erection. I have even had my prostate examined to make sure it wasn't inflamed (it wasn't). I try my best not to sit all day when working (I have a sit stand desk) but when I do sit down it feels like all the pressure is directly on my perineum, no matter what chair I use.

    But say I use the bathroom and when you flex the pelvic floor muscle to get that last bit o pee out, I feel a strain in my neck (right side of the neck, more under the jaw about 2 inches from my adam's apple). When I flex the muscle that "pulses" the penis, I can feel it in my neck and anus (they tense). I dont know if there is a hernia issue (I'm scheduling a physical with a doctor to do the 'turn and cough test'). I've also tried Viagra and I don't really notice a huge difference with it when I've used it.

    Not really sure where else to turn! Hopefully you kind folks can give me some direction as to something I can do as well.

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    So 2 things to test first is cheap and easy a blood test to check hormone levels you want to get the actual numbers .

    The second go to a physio who does male pelvic floor . So he can check for pelvic floor and posture imbalance .


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      Thank you for the response!!

      Any particular things I should ask the physician to include on the blood work?? Which Hormones are they looking for specifically?