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Possible Pudendal Neuralgia from Bathmate?

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  • Possible Pudendal Neuralgia from Bathmate?

    Greetings everyone.

    Iíve been a long-time lurker of this site as PE has always interested me, but due to a recent injury I felt like I should make a first post.

    I bought a Bathmate back in March in hopes of gaining some erect length/girth. After a few sessions I lost interest and it sat unused, until just over a month ago when I decided to get back into it due to a new relationship. Almost immediately upon using it again I noticed a drop in EQ when with my girl. I attributed it mainly to performance anxiety, but also assumed that the Bathmate had a part to play and that the issue would improve over time.

    The routine I followed is one I got from MorePlatesMoreDates, where he claims to have used the device for one 10-12 minute session each day. (Dumb routine, I know, I should have eased into it more.) Anyways I tried it, and at first edema was a big issue but that subsided over time and the pump was insane. I took the lack of edema to mean that my penis was becoming conditioned to the pressure and continued as normal. Well, about 4 weeks ago I was following the same routine when something didnít feel right, almost like a dull ache in the left side of my glans. I immediately took off the Bathmate and didnít touch it for a few days, and when I tried again I only used it for 5 minutes with less pressure. Things seemed to be going normal after that and I probably got 2 or 3 more 10 minute sessions in until one day (about 2 weeks ago) I noticed while at work that my penis felt kind of cold and hard, very similar to the ďhard flaccidĒ that Iíve read about on here. I figured I had overdone it with the Bathmate and havenít touched it since. I even thought it might just be foot pain translating to feelings in the penis since Iíve noticed that as well, but I feel itís something deeper.

    For the past two weeks I have been practically unable to get an erection with my girl, often going limp when changing positions or being unable to achieve one at all. Whatís strange is that after one instance I immediately went to the bathroom to see if I could get one on my own, which I could. It was firm and I was able to maintain it for a bit while standing up. Iíve also been having sharp pains on the right side of my perineum when I bend over, and just recently it feels as if something is swollen inside of the same region. I was also getting very strong morning wood up until this past week, and one day while at work I noticed that everything felt normal again and when I got home I was able to get hard and stay hard relatively easily. That was a little under a week ago now, and the issues are still here despite the few instances where I feel normal.

    Any input about what this could be, shared experiences, treatment, etc would be very much appreciated. I have an appointment with a urologist next week so hopefully I will have some information to bring back here about whatís going on. Iím suspicious of Pudendal Neuralgia, but weíll see.

    Thank you!

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    Leave your dick alone and tell the urologist about your Bathmate use.
    The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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      Thatís what Iíll be doing till the urologist says otherwise. Just curious if anyone else has experienced something similar.


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        People get injured when they over do things. Rest is the first and best medicine. I would bet you'll be fine.
        The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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          Do you have posture issues ?
          Any health issues?


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            No posture issues really. I have been very inactive these past few months due to a shoulder injury which kept me out of the gym. Havenít been eating the best in that time either. Overall, Iíd say Iím healthy though.


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              I should note that last night I was able to achieve an erection, albeit slowly, just from sexual thoughts while trying to sleep. I smoked with a friend earlier so not sure if the THC played a part in that or not. Also, this morning I didnít have an erection when I woke up but shortly after got one that was at around 50-60% hardness. I hope this is a sign of recovery, but who knows. Still have some days before I see the urologist.


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                Do you think some of the issues with your erections during sex might be performance anxiety with your new girlfriend?


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                  No, we were together for almost 2 months before all this; never was an issue before save for the first time. I can get somewhat engorged initially and mostly erect from head but as soon as it gets to PIV I start to lose it. Anxiety may play a role because itís easier to get hard enough for penetration with some alcohol but it still never gets to how it was before. It seems like the only way I can get to almost full hardness is by edging on the toilet but Iíve stopped that since I really started to notice issues.


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                    An update; over the past few days Iíve noticed an increased numbness from the penis to tailbone, accompanied by a strange tingle. Also sitting down for long periods of time causes discomfort around the tailbone/rectum. My flaccid hang has also improved and the HF symptoms seem to be gone for the most part. Had a mostly hard morning erection today so Iíll take that as a good sign, and tingling is a sign of nerve regeneration so if my suspicions are true Iíll take that as good news as well. Gotta stay optimistic; I still see the urologist in a few days. Anybody have a similar story?