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Peyronies or HF?

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  • Peyronies or HF?

    So as of my recent post I have suspected to have HF for awhile and have cured and keep having recurrent setbacks.

    One symptom I get is hourglass after a bowel movement or When Iím cold. Itís only when flaccid though and never when erect. There is also no bend. I am wondering if this might be a mild form of peyronies?

    I had a uro check me but he was adamant he would be able to notice it and he didnít.

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    Is it due to a tightness of the skin?
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      This is something I get during the acute phase of my HF flare ups. Iím starting to think I keep injuring the IC or BC or both during sex. Either way, it usually clears up after the first few days or week. I guess it clearly isnít PD as my erections always look normal although slightly less girth when HF is present (.1 or .2).