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Strange Injury while using bathmate

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  • Strange Injury while using bathmate

    I'd been using the bathmate consistently for about a month, on average 3 days on 1 off (~20 minute sessions), with basically nothing but positive PIs when the injury randomly happened...Wanted to explain the injury and get some thoughts on what happened and if it's safe to return to my routine.

    About mid-way through the session while pumping about ~80 erect, I felt a minor twinge of discomfort I'm the shaft right below the glans, it almost wasn't painful but more so like something disconnected.

    I lost an erection pretty quickly, took the bathmate off and found that it was extremely difficult to get an erection even watching porn. I managed to get a decent erection but had needed constant stimulation to get it up.

    Later that night and for the next couple days there would be a dull ache in the same area. There was never any bruising and I've never bruised/gotten red spots from bathmate, so if there was a vein injury it was really deep in there which is scary - could that be possible? I also noticed discomfort and tightness in the rectal area which made me think pelvic floor involvement, but it seemed obvious to me that the primary issue was some sort of trauma to the penis, which may have caused pelvic tightness?

    For the next week or so it seemed harder to get an erection when masturbating watching porn, almost like my penis was disconnected and numb. The weirdest part, for a good week after the injury I was getting the hardest morning wood I've ever had, despite a challenge manually getting it up.

    It seems to have fully resolved about 2 weeks after the injury but I'm hesitant to return to the bathmate.

    What is the most likely type of injury? Damage veins/arteries deep in the penis (despite no bruising), or an issue to tissue/nerves? What I'm most scared about is some type of issue with valves/venous leak, where it would be a risk to start back up with the bathmate.

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    Can anyone weigh in? I'm wondering if I can resume with bathmate or if there's a risk for permanent damage? My main concern is fascia tears (worried I experienced a slight tear)

    Basically, I felt a twinge under the glans (subtle popping feeling) lost my erection and couldn't manually get an erection immediately after and struggled to get manually erect for close to a week, but still had good nighttime erections during that time. I'm certain something physically happened, but with there was never any bruising/visual indication, only a dull pain in the area followed by a slight itching/tingle feeling a week later that lasted a few days.


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      Very similar symptoms to what Iím experiencing now if not identical, down to the sensation in the glans and the morning wood. Still having the issue now and havenít had morning wood for about a week now. Did you ever learn anything about what may have happened?