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2 ways to a flat belly

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  • 2 ways to a flat belly

    Okay, listen up! You want a flat belly, donít you? I am sure that these different ways will help you lose that extra weight you have been complaining for a while ago now. I have no magical tricks to make the belly fat disappear but some different ways that will help you be a healthier person and I am sure you will feel happier with yourself and with the results of hard work; YES you heard well!! HARD WORK! It is very easy to gain belly fat but it is very hard to lose it so my first advice is:
    1- Be careful with what you eat: To most of people food goes to belly so the healthiest you eat the better for you. Chips, sodas, cookies, chocolates: what are they? FAT to your belly so avoid taking them. Be healthy and have snacks between meals. It will definitely help you avoid eating extra food. Take water instead of any kind of sugar or sodas and include vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. It is very important to do so since there will be more nutrients for your body and much less to convert to fat.
    2- Exercise: weight lifting is so helpful to decrease the body fat, and it is important for the belly fat as well. Try to lift weight at least 2 or 3 times a day and also do some cardio exercises that will help you burn fat easier. Exercise is important since want it or not your organism will always store fat in your body.

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    You mean...try to lift weights 2 or 3 times a week, right?


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      1/ You need the cardio dude. No point having arnold like abs if they are covered with slab upon slab of fat.

      2/ I am a massive advocate of weights, but you dont need weights for a flat stomach. most ab work is bodyweight. I get your point about the raised metabolic rate though

      3/ I dont believe there is any evidence you can spot reduce fat
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        I contribute atleast 20 pounds of my good looks to cookies and chips.


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          2 to 3 times a day it's OVERTRAINING, will do you just harm, and you might lose a lot of muscle, cortisol up, stress, pain, fatigue, and yet, gain some fat. just plain wrong
          both cardio and weight lifting are needed to shred fat, people think they only have to LOSE fat, but actually you need to build muscle to increase your metabolism, thus increase your ability to lay off fat. FAT in meals doesn't mean FAT in your body. Daily caloric surplus makes you FAT, not junk food only. My metabolism burns, alone, 2014kcal a day, without doing nothing. To gain weight, I need to eat more than my daily caloric usage (around 3200kcal), and to lose weight, I need to eat LESS than my metabolism uses to burn. If you eat in between, you're just maintaining your weight.
          I have a 0% fat pad, I don't even call it fat pad, because my stomach is plain flat. And no, I didn't do 500 abdominals per day, just around 60 every other day, works great.


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            Yep, got to do both cardio and weight lifting.

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