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A question that i have posted.. but looking for different oppinions

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  • A question that i have posted.. but looking for different oppinions

    I know i have posted this question earlier but i am looking for people who had for example something like that. Before 5 years i was on one day extremly horny because of not watching porn for 3 weeks. I was chatting with a lady on a dating site. We chatted from 10am till 18 pm but sure with breaks.We sent during this times messages.But in this time i got very hard erections only while chatting with her. I didnt have an erection for 8hours but in this 8 hours i got many erections and was very horny.It went from hard like 2-5 minutes to limp when i closed the chat.But when i began chatting with her and just looking at her profile pic i instantly went from 0 to a 10 EQ.I thought that it was great and natural because i didnt watch porn for 3 weeks and that my dopamine levels were sensitive again and i enjoyed it, but now i am thinking that it was not natural to have so many erections. You are thought to have one and have sex or masturbate. This perfect erection quality i had for four more days. On the 5th day i masturbated twice. On the second time the erection was so hard that it hurt. From that day i never did have such a great erection quality. I am asking myself if i damaged soemthing in the penis by having so many erections or pelvic floor or dont know what. I went to the urologist before one year. he said my test levels were low and i worked to make them better and triplet them just by diet und taking zinc magensium and so on. from 200 to 617. I then had better erections but not like the one i had before 5 years. I hope somebody has an idea if i could have damaged something or somebody had something like that.
    Sorry for posting it again.

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    Many erections are not a problem, and I doubt you hurt yourself by getting really heard. Most urologist agree that more erections lead to more erections.

    Maybe what gave you that one super erection was the no porn for 3 weeks then the multiple erections.
    As to why you don't get those anymore, well, we would need to gather more information.

    How is the diet? Do you do aerobic exercise?
    Any form of PE?
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