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I read in a few studies that covid damages testicles thanks. How to prevent it?

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  • I read in a few studies that covid damages testicles thanks. How to prevent it?

    My parents tested positive about covid. I read that because of ace2 enzyme found in testicles the virus may target them. How to stop this? Will taking aspirin help as it is anti inflammatory?

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    I read in a few studies that covid damages testicles thanks. How to prevent it?

    My parents tested positive. How to stop damage to the testicles. I read that the virus enters through ace2 enzyme also found in testicles. Will aspirin with its anti-inflammatory properties help?


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      This is medical info best asked of a medical pro.


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        A quick tour of the medical journals:

        Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus in semen and testicular biopsy specimen of COVID-19 patients” medrxiv April

        Does COVID‑19 affect male fertility?World Journal of Urology April

        Could COVID‐19 have an impact on male fertility?Andrologia May

        Impact of COVID‐19 and other viruses on reproductive healthAndrologia August

        "There is a theoretical possibility of testicular damage and subsequent infertility following COVID-19 infection. The possibility of testicular damage is caused by either direct viral invasion through binding of SARS-COV2 virus to ACE2 receptors or secondary to immunological and inflammatory response. Follow-up studies of reproductive function of recovered male patients is required to investigate this possibility."
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          The Chinese Virus was manufactured in a lab to help control the population.
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            Go out and have fun and don't worry about stupid stuff.
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              * Creds: Took upper-level microbiology and virology in school *

              You are right in saying that there is some ACE-2 in the testicles of healthy adult males.

              The truth about Covid's effect on the reproductive system is not well established so it's too soon to say anything. What we have seen from studies so far is that:
              - There is some concern of endocrine disruption (T productive in Leydig cells, and Pituitary-Gonadal acis / FSH disruption). However there is nothing to indicate permanent disruption as of yet.
              - Testicular discomfort is a common symptom, which makes sense given that the infection likely causes some inflammation. This is generally not a serious issue.
              - There are a minority of cases in which the inflammation and infection is bad enough that there is testicular damage and hypogonadism. Luckily, this has been a rare occurrence so far.

              Here's a good metanalysis if you are interested. Unfortunately, if you are infected there is really no way of preventing the virus from spreading to your testicles. The best thing you can do is: 1) Prevent infection as best you can (minimize risk, don't go to unnecessary gatherings etc.), and 2) Stay as healthy as you can (nutrition, exercise, sleep etc.) so that if you do get infected, you will recover faster. If you are infected, make sure to talk to a doctor about your symptoms. Don't haphazardly take aspirin or anything else like that, it can do more damage than good in many cases. If your symptoms were severe enough to cause significant damage, you would probably be given a much more effective corticosteroid.


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                  Saw this today and I thought this would be the best thread to leave it in. I found it to be interesting.

                  "COVID-19 could cause male infertility and sexual dysfunction – but vaccines do not" - This was posted in the The Conversation today. It was written by a Ranjith Ramasamy who is an Associate Professor of Urology, University of Miami. There's two links in there as well for the studies (doi:10.1001/jama.2021.9976 and but basically, in a handful of men who had Covid, some had a lower sperm count and others had experienced ED.