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  • Extender trouble

    Hi All,

    I wondered if anyone would care to share their experience with extenders.

    I actually have an andropenis, and I think it's a well thought out design, but I have had dissapointing experiences with it.

    My problem is that it just won't stay on. My glans are in proportion, definitely not small, but the damn thing slips off all the time. I am un-cut.

    I have tried the bare strap, the foam tube, a baby's sock, everything I have read about. Thinking of doing a mod which would involve the sort of attachment commonly used for hanging

    I bought this thing before I knew about real PE, but I still think it could play a part.

    All the best, dear brethren and fellow seekers.


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    Hi dickie!

    i have the andro penis myself or jes extender as it was called when i bought it. ive also read some great surveys about it, use it for 12 hours a day for 2 months and gain 1" or 2 hours a day for 12 months.. i also have that same problem you have, im uncut, my penis head is not small at all, but it falls of if it is not tighten enough and if you tighten it to much the blood circulation will stop and thats not good. i remember the only thing for me to keep it on was to tighten it when i felt it is was going to fall of.
    i know it seems like a good device, and im my self thinking about starting to use it again a couple of hours a day, but its absolutly not worth it if the blood circulation to my penis head stops because its to tight.
    i would suggest JPs 90 day routine and after your done with the 3 months then you should start thinking about the device again. I personally would rather skip the andropenis and try hanging and stuff.. there is not a lot of information about devices on these forums but i would recommend you trust these forums instead of the homepage to andro penis :P and theres alot of stuff about hanging which is abit similiar.

    btw. have you heard about bathmate? its a waterpump, i havent seen any gains yet, but i feel its a great warmup device for your penis before PEing.

    anyways, hope this helps and i hope some pros would comment on this post!
    "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life."


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      My lack of extensive experience not withstanding. I would suggest you are not wrapping properly. Here is the suggestion: Wrap your friend with Ace Self Adhering Bandage, 2" wide and approx. 12 to 18 inches should be good. Stretch it out completely as you wrap. Am using this same procedure for hanging and the concept is the same, have been at it long enough to hang 8 lb for 15. When it get the wrap correct, there is no pain or discomfort. Just in case you are using metric, 8 lb is close to the 4.4 kilo's advised for advanced users.
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      2009/08/26 bpel 5.5 eg 5.25
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      2010/08/01 bpel 6.25
      Goal 7"


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        Ok guys.

        I AM experienced with extenders, first off.

        I AM, unlike you guys, unfortunately, cut (which I resent and is why I am restoring my foreskin as we type) BUT

        I think the main problem with extenders is the way they are supposed to stay on.

        First, whether circumcised or not, you HAVE TO GET A "HEAD SWELL"!!! This means that your glans fills up with blood within 15-20 minutes of putting it on. You accomplish this by getting about a 30%erection before putting it on. Enough to where the shaft is "slinky" and not hard but to where there is a good amount of blood to later fill the glans. You can also basically "jelq" this blood into the glans once the extender is on, if you have to, but if done right, should be able to kegel it in there.

        Second, YOU WILL LIKELY HAVE TO MAKE YOUR OWN STRAP OUT OF VELCRO. Get the kind that is sticky on one side. I made mine attaching the "soft" velcro to either side of the "saddle harness" part of the extender, and then fashioned just a regular "strap" by taking the soft AND rough parts of the velcro and sticking them together, about a 4-5 inch strap.

        SOFT SIDE is the one to go "down" (side that will touch the penis, DUH, otherwise OUCH!!!)

        I can try and post pictures if anyone is interested.

        Also, I am writing an ARTICLE about this RIGHT NOW for the PEGYM, especially as pertains to the "head swell". Be on the lookout for it if you are interested in all the "tricks" of how to make an extender work to its max potenial.


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          Hey Calixto Im interested about your picture and explication I have order an extender a few days ago and I wanna know everything that could help me from a experienced user thank you
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          5.5 x 4.50

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          Long term Goal

          No overdo No fast way Just Slow and EASY.
          Dedication , Good technic , Patience ,Rest , Believe , Supplements , A lot of Water


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            Yeah, ok, well I am going to try and finish this article TODAY, and then it should be up on the PEGym articles soon. I will try and post pics too, as they will likely be necessary to understand what I mean.

            But until then, what I wrote above is actually pretty much the main two things "they DON'T tell you" in the instruction manual when buying any extender.


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              Hey calixto, I thought yours came with the noose mine?
              I'm a lean mean PE'ing machine!


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                No littlestick, it didn't, hahaha


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                  Ohhh Calixto I forgot how funny you were. Little teen pen boy! Well if I may comment, the noose design is the most comfortable I have experienced. Your velcro idea worked wonders for me when using the PenisMaster BUT as I started to really pull harder and harder, it did however put a slight pinch on the skin near the head that causes major discomfort over a long period of time. We both know one must hold the highest amount of tension one can stand for the LONGEST amount of time. I like my modified fastsize using the sliver of sock idea. I actually have one foam cushion, another PIECE cut from an old one wrapped around the primary one and after all that..I wrap a sliver of sock around my unfortunately cut foreskin to prevent all pinching and burning. Hope this helps Dickielongate! Hey Calixto, eat a dongaflongapongawongatonga ahahahaah!
                  I'm a lean mean PE'ing machine!


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                    HAHAHAHAHA, you better drive up this weekend bro!


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                      As usual, thanks to all who replied.

                      I think I will adhere to indianajones' advice and leave it til I have completed JP's 90.

                      All the same, I have picked up ideas reading all your posts, so once again let me say PEGYM YOU ROCK.

                      Peace, out.


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                        I would like to see your Velco modification.



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                          Remind me if I don't have any pics up soon!

                          I will get them, and I think "bgstick18" on here can get pics of his mods too!


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                            calixto that would be exellent to see some pictures and read some stuff about it!
                            "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life."


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                              Hey bro I will make sure my gf sends me those pictures of how I did my velcro so we can share them! Im talking to her right now!
                              I'm a lean mean PE'ing machine!