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Ballonning clarification

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  • Ballonning clarification

    I've recently added ballonning into my routine, and I'm not sure that I really understand the steps yet.

    First I find my spot and rub there in a circular motion while kegeling to a full erection. I believe from here you're supposed to reach the PONR. My problem is that I can't reach the PONR without rubbing up and down like durring masterbation. Is it possible that I could rub my spot until I have a very full erection, then masturbate until I'm at the PONR, squeeze the tip, massage the head base, sides, and then repeat? I've spend up to 15 minutes of just rubbing the spot and kegeling and I have yet to reach the PONR without up and down rubbing movements.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me a better step by step process to follow.


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    Kp's instructions are usually guidelines, if your action is more up and down than circular, I think he will forgive you.


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      Ok, so I have one more question. When you get to the PONR, you squeeze the tip. Is it ok, if I feel myself start to ejaculate but it gets held back? That's not gonna cause like build up or blockage will it? Sometimes after doing that twice, I feel like I'm about to get blueballs.


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        I am no expert in the ballooning form of edging.
        When I edge I usually cum at the end of the session.
        I understand in ballooning you try not to do this. However in general I think it is a bad idea to go a prolonged time without ejaculation.