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Hi - split frenulum!! Does anyone know how long it takes to heal??

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  • Hi - split frenulum!! Does anyone know how long it takes to heal??

    Hi lads - split my frenulum (I think that is how it is spelt) a few days ago and so have had to stop all peing (in-fact stop touching full stop!)

    Has anyone else done this??? I think I did it whilst stretching - not whilst jelqing.

    I am not sure what I did wrong??

    Does anyone know how long it takes to heal??

    I have ordered an extender and will start using it in a few days so hopefully I will be healed and ready to go by then!!

    Cheers for any help fellas!!

    Oh - it bloody hurts!!! Take care lads!!!

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    Sounds painful. Has the frenelum completely detached, or just split a bit? Either way, I'd give it a helluva lot longer than a few days to heal. I'd go for a few weeks, maybe even a month, to be on the safe side.
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      Yes it is pretty painful mate!

      It looks like a paper cut!! An absolute pain in the arse!!

      I think it has happened via stretching - I must have been pulling whilst holding the frenulum?

      Annoyed but such is life.

      Yep - will reheal, learn from it and get it right next time!! I was just getting going as well!!



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        Hello Pub Lunch, Just read your news. Good luck to you mate. Keep in touch.
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          That sounds so painful man, im sorry to hear that
          Maby apply polysporin to help with the healing.
          Good luck buds
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            Same thing happened to me a while back, use neosporin. It will heal like a regular cut. Try not to stretch it out for a week or two.


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              Albert, Hugeazz and HJF - thanks for the support!!

              These things happen, hopefully this serves as a bit of a warning to anyone - don't pull on the frenulum!!!

              It feels better already but yes - must give it time!! My extender has just arrived as well and I am raring to go!!

              I will see if I can find that neosporin/polysporin?? Sounds like some magic stuff!!

              Albert - keep up with those gains sunshine!! You are the man!!

              Cheers lads!!


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                did this a few years ago also. I took a month off to allow it to fully heal. It looked and felt fine after 10 days or so, but I didn't want to chance it. I would say looking back though, 2 weeks should be sufficient and take it easy for the first week or 2.
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