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Stretching seems to create better hang

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  • Stretching seems to create better hang

    Well I have been combining stretching with jelqing basically warm up 10 min then stretch for 10 then jelq for 5 then warm down for about 15-20. I have noticed that when i ONLY stretch I have much less contraction and more of a plump hang afterwords.. It seems like when I combine the excersises my unit contracts as if I did not do any excersises but then about 4-8 hrs later it starts to plump up again. You guys think I should divide my excersises like work on the stretching one day then jelq the next?

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    I do 2 days on 1 day off, the first day i mainly focus on length, then the next day i focus on girth


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      Your likely griping to hard when you jelq . loosen up a bit and try warming up for a little longer.
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        Tried jelqing with less pressure and it has become very effective.. I have also been warming up for longer as well and it has been feeling much better. Thanks fellas