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  • traction wrapping

    hi, I have a question about wrapping !,
    how do long do I need to keep the wrap on after a PE session ?


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    Do you immediately begin to turtle following a PE session? If so, you are likely overworking. Do you hang any lower/heavier following a workout? If you do, I wouldn't wrap at all, let it all hang loose. If you are turtling, then ease up the grip during your next session and see if it makes any difference.

    As far as time is concerned with wrapping, you can leave it on for hours at a time, as long as you regularly check your penis. The wrap should be tight enough that it doesn't slip over your knob, yet loose enough to comfortably pee. When you check your pecker (I try for every 30 minutes) check the temperature of your knob, which should not be cold. Also, check that the wrap has not grabbed a little skin and is forcing it towards your glans. I sometimes get this on the underside and it appears there is a lump. Don't be concerned if this happens, as it will disappear after a few hours.
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      hi tereva

      no ,after a PE workout i dont turtle at all wel yeah after 30min or longer but not immediatey.
      I knew wrapping is mostly to avoid turtling, but it also help for some gains right ?


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        could someone pls tell me:
        1. if i can traction wrap even though im beginner?
        2. Can i leave it on overnight as i pe just b4 bed?
        3. How long can i leave it on at any one time?
        4. Will it help gains or just stop turtling?
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          I have some questions about turtling as well. I was wondering about leaving it on during sleep as well. I am also UNCUT so how would you go about wrapping your tool then? And I got CVS gentle sports tape. seemed to work yesterday. Is this an ok thing?


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            1. Yes, u can traction wrap
            2. No it is not recomened to keep it over night
            3. You can leave it best around 8 hours
            4. It will just stop turtling but you will heal in elongated state so that you will heal faster


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              thank u wannagrowbig.
              i appreciate the advice
              Target 1- 7inch by 5.5inch
              Target 2- 8inch by 6inch
              Ultimate GOAL- 9inch by 6.5inch


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                hey np mate we are here to help each other!