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  • Some Concerns Please Help

    Hi, I just started JP's beginner program and am having a few questions and concerns. I am doing two days on one day off and usually break the routine apart during different times of the day because of my shcedule. So warm up with a warm rice sock for about 6-10 minutes then strectch and five minute cool down. When I jelq i feel like i never get to the 60-70% erection level or stay there for very long. I have also been timing the jelq sessions instead of counting reps. Jelquing usually takes around 20-25 minutes. I am wondering if this is the right way to go about things. My concern is the past few days my dick flacid seems to have been getting smaller or retracting and I saw the article about the traction wrapping and how it prevents turtling. I am also uncircumcised and am wondering if doing the exercises should be done differently. I was unfortunately given way too much foreskin and I feel like it might impact my exercises a bit. I usually masterbate with edging after the exercises and then cool down because that is usually what i do when i stroke my dick for a while. Should i stop this and only jerk off after an hour or two of the exercises. Please respond with insightful criticism. Thanks and Im excited and happy I found this site.

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    Your doing everything fine. Except if youo are going to break up the schedule you have to warm up before each event. Example warm up before stretching, break few hours later your going to jelq, yoou need to warm up again before jelqing. The reason why your flaccid is getting smaller is your grip is way to hard. I would try to keep the jelqing erection around 30-50% for now. Edging is great right after a routine.

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      i break up my routine into stretching in the morning and jelqing at night. I like it better like that because I don't fizzle out toward the end of what can sometimes be a long routine.

      And I usually start my jelqing with around 75 percent erection, but by the time I'm done with each set its probably more like 40. As long as you don't get too hard or too soft you'll be alright.


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        Awesome, thanks for the quick replys. Would my grip be too hard on the jelqs or the stretches? And I think I agree with the breaking up the routine for the purpose of giving a 110% when im doing it and not half assing. I forgot to add that I do warm up before the Jelqs as well and If im clear you said its ok to jerk off lets say at the end of a jelquing session with edging? I'm also assuming being uncircumcised really doesn't matter on how you do the exercises? And the smaller flaccid right now because of the grip isn't permanent correct? I have already noticed harder erections and more explosive loads due to the program. Thanks for all the help.


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          I forgot to add that I am extremely active and lift weights 3x a week and play soccer 5-7 days a week. I also take the arginine and lysine as recommended. I take fish oils, multi vitamin pak, and melatonin and valerian root before bed to help me sleep. Please respond, Thanks