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  • Good idea or bad idea?

    I started PEing 2 months ago and since I started my problem has been that I get a full erection too easily when I jelq. Especially in the beginning my PE sessions would take long because I had to wait for my hard on to subside and then continue to jelq. What I started doing at first was when I got hard I started doing squats or calf raises to get my mind off my hard on and I would get softer faster, which translated to shorter PE sessions. But recently I started to kind of "kegel" my hard on and it starts to bob up and down and after about 20 reps it starts to get tired and goes away. So my question is if that is a good way to get my hard on to go away so I can keep jelqing. Or am I exercising it in a way? I want to know if I'm doing more harm than good.

    What are other methods you guys have of getting rid of a hard on. I tried everything from thinking about work to just counting and focusing on the number of seconds I can count before getting soft again. It seems like ever since I started PEing my penis has just been more sensitive and I can get an instant hard on anytime I want which is of course a good thing, but not when I'm jelqing or even stretching. I think everytime my hands touch/play with my penis it gets hard, would using rubber gloves when PEing make it less intimate, thus reducing full erections when PEing?

    *On a side note: I'm 24 and never had a problem with erections going into PE and I'm taking 1500mg of L-Arginine, so I know that has a lot to do with my erections. I wake up with a woody every morning : )

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    Another Q that popped into my jelqing 20-30 reps at a time as effective as doing say 100-150 continously? Reason why I ask is becuase I get hard at about 20-30 reps, sometimes less. It's not until I tire out my penis that I can do more reps.


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      That's a great way to reduce your woody. Keep it up, (excuse the expression). After a while, you'll be able to control them through mind control. Kegeling is a great way to enhance woodies during sexual intercourse, as well.

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        I have a similar issue. What I do to get rid of the hard on is wrap my penis in my rice sock for a couple seconds. It usually goes away within 30 seconds, and my penis is rewarmed. So win-win right?


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          It isn't advisable to masturbate at least 2 hours before a PE session right? I know that would help me from getting hard so easily when i jelq but would that be a good idea?


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            Well, I would think which of the two options is better.

            To jelq and have problems in keeping erection low enough and maybe end up doing a bad technique routine that makes you lose focus and concentration and which takes forever to finish, or to masturbate 2 hours beforehand and have the perfect erection level for jelqing and complete a perfect routine as planned.

            I would go with the second one.