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    hi ive been jelqing for 2 weeks now when i first started i got a lot of bruising on my penis so i lowered my jelqs to 100 a night i get tiny red spots so i just leave it a day before returning so basically i do 1 day on 1 day off.will this be enough to condition my penis?i appreciate it prob wont give me improvements yet.also should the foreskin be pulled back when i jelq?

    warm up 10 mins in red hot bath with facecloth wrapped around my penis.(should this be wrapped tightly?)
    50 helicopter shakes
    few stretches up,right,down,left
    100 jelqs 1 stroke = 1 jelq held for 3-4 seconds
    10 mins warm down same way as warm up.

    i dont understand how to kegel or edge so if you know i link where it shows you can you post it up .cheers

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    If you are geting red spots you are working hard enough for the time being.
    Many threads on edging including edging 101,balloning 101,edging and pe etc.