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  • Edging

    What is edging? I cannot find it what it is or an instruction video.

    i do pe and my offdays are tuesday and thursday is this any good.

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    There are many forms of edging, depending on the reason you are doing it for, whether you want to improve your stamina or gain in size, or become multiorgasmic, pick the technique that suits your need.

    Below are links to threads discussing edging.

    Edging 101

    Edging For Premature Ejaculation

    Edging - penis exercise For Size and Hardness

    Edging Toward MMO
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      Yep so like masturbation but the primary purpose is not to just get off.


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        Originally posted by Pegasus View Post
        Yep so like masturbation but the primary purpose is not to just get off.

        So I attempted edging about a hour ago I did it for 45 min. I got to PONR a few times stopped and everything but the last one I ejaculated is that alright? By then I literally couldnt stop it no matter how hard I tried.
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          Sounds ok . So look at what you are trying to achieve and read the relevant thread.


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            You are also learning technique, and how your mind and body experience edging. Quite the experience.
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              i love to be edged for hours on end the PONR becomes so intense i begin to shake and scream but dont cum. the load is enormous after this