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    Been doing the Newbie routine for about five weeks. Have seen a very small increase in girth but no increase in length. I am approaching my PE from the standpoint that I hate being "average" at anything: Work, sports, heatlh, etc. And my stats are pretty close to average. So, I am going to try to be above average at one more thing in my life. Never had any complaints from women and they have always come back for more. So, I think I am in a healthy mental place in trying this since I am doing it for myself and not someone else. But I have some questions:

    1. Some guys on here have reportedly seen some gains, in both length and girth, within the first month or two. Me, I have seen a very slight increase in girth. . .like a 1/16 of an inch. . .in the first five weeks. But no length. But it seems to me that the sooner guys show increases the more they are going to increase over time a length of time. Whereas, it seems that guys who don't show a lot of girth and length increase very quickly will not show a great improvement over that same length of time. Meaning, you can see very quickly how much you are going to be able to grow by how fast your penis reacts to the exercises. If the penis reacts quickly, then you will ultimately see large gains. If the penis reacts slowly, then you will ultimately see smaller gains. Is this true? Have some guys gains started out very slowly with their increases and then at some time have the increases come on much more quickly?

    2. I am wondering how the length of the urethra fits into all this. Would not the amount your penis can grow in length be related to how long your urethra is? And if the urethra is fully extended at say 6 inches then that's all the longer your penis will get? Does not the urethra, not the ligaments, ultimately decide how long a penis can grow? And how much of a guy's urethra is contained within his body? For the average guy that is.

    3. How much does the amount of excess skin on the penis determine how much girth a guy can get? To me, it doesn't seem PE exercises are like making your arms bigger. Your arms have alot of excess, much more stretchy skin than your penis. When a guy is erect, that skin is usually stretched pretty tight. Does the skin "grow" and "stretch" or do the guys who grow the most in girth have the "loosest" and most stretchiest skin?

    4. Experimented with traction wrapping with not alot of success. I did my PE exercises and at the end wrapped it when it was stretched out at like 5inches. I wrapped it with first with an ACE bandage that kind of sticks to itself. Worked for a little while but eventually I shrunk back up to my usual flaccid length of about 3 inches. The penis did not shrink inside the bandage. The head of my penis just simply pushed back the bandage until the bandage was bundled up. It was still on my penis and not in danger of coming off but it was essentially doing nothing. The second time I tried athletic tape. Same thing happened. As secure as the tape was on the shaft, eventually the penis shrank back up and the tape shrank back up with it. Once again, the tape was secure on the penis but it did not do its job of keeping the penis at its 5 inch length. Not to mention I took every dead skin cell off my penis when I took the tape off. Ouch. Am I doing something wrong here? I know some guys use extenders where you fasten the head and attach the other part to the base. But I would rather not.

    5. After how many weeks/months would it be recommended that I can move on to hanging and clamping? I have been taking off one day a week and my suspensory ligaments are a little sore. . .but not a lot.

    BPEL: 6.125"
    EG: 4.5"
    Total Volume: 9.979

    BPEL: 6.375"
    EG: 4.625"
    Total Volume: 10.929