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Loss of glans sensitivity

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  • Loss of glans sensitivity

    Hey guys!

    I started two threads a while ago because I experienced some pretty big problems after I tried PE once without really knowing what I was doing. To make a long story short, about six months ago, I found out about PE and decided to give it a shot right away, without bothering to gather enough info about warming up, taking it slow etc. So I stretched and jelqed for about 15 minutes, just once, and soon observed that my penis "behaved" very differently than before. Of course I think I did all the things you're not supposed to do that time: I hadn't warmed up at all, did the exercises almost fully erect (it was very hard for me not to have an erection back then)...

    Now some pretty offensive guys on this forum came off on me and called me a lier, saying "there's no way you can have caused long-term damage to your unit with just one 15-minute PE session". Well that's exactly what I try to keep telling myself in order not to freak out, especially as I didn't feel any particular pain or anything at the end of that PE session, just a slightly weird sensation the day after (I guess if you damage a nerve or a blood vessel that would certainly be quite painful, right?) - but as I said it's been six months and there hasn't been any major improvement since then: I do get erections every now and then, but when flaccid my penis becomes much softer than before, like a piece of dead skin or something, to the point that I can hardly feel it between my legs (boy, that really sounds pretty bad when you put it that way!). But my major concern is that my glans seems to have become far less sensitive than it used to be: in the shower it doesn't even hurt any more when I wash it with hot water, and sometimes I can hardly feel it when I touch it.

    Now I know that some other guys in here will still call me names and all that, but I really need some help. I'm not posting this thread to point at the dangers of PE or anything like that - I'm sure it's yielded amazing results for a lot of guys, I just did it the wrong way, and I'm sure if you follow the routines carefully and proceed with caution PE can be very rewarding, and a lot of fun. The only reason I'm writing about this here is because this is obviously a very worrying and embarrassing situation, and I coulnd't think of any other place where I could look for answers in a shame-free environment.

    Any advice, help, suggestions will be more than welcome. Haters need not respond. Thx guys!

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    My guess is that you put too much pressure on the dorsal nerve of the penis. I think it is unlikely that you could have irreversibly damaged damaged it, but nerves recover very slowly. Sometimes sensory nerves continue to recover even after a year's time.


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      Quick sex fact: mens' brains are hardwired to record every sexual sensation experienced in such a way that once certian sensations are achived it basicly dulls nerves in the penis; almost like a sexual immunity. When you try to achive that feeling again if there isn't any new arousing factor involved it won't be the same. I think you may have just played arround a little too much one time and, basicly made your head tougher.

      Sad to say the same thing happened to me. One night I was really going at it with head teasers (best Jack off ever!) and basicly had an amazing orgasim. Too this day I still can't get that same feeling and my head is simply not as sensitive as it was.
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