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Some advice (from newbie to newbie)

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  • Some advice (from newbie to newbie)

    You'll hear Big Al and the other regulars repeatedly remind us all of many things, the four that stick in my head are:

    Never skip a workout; one skipped workout will always lead to another and then another and you'll never leave the starting gate

    Don't measure daily; you will of course not see miraculous results which will lead you to subconsciously overtrain

    Document; you want to be sure your gain is in fact a gain as opposed to your initial measurement brought on by better EQ

    and finally: PATIENCE!!!
    Conditioning Program Nov/Dec 09 (Exercised no more than once per week)
    Began: NBPEL 5.50 BPEL 6.25 GIRTH 4.50
    3 Mo Goal: NBPEL 6.50 BPEL 7.25 GIRTH 5.00
    6-12 Mo Goal: NBPEL 7.50 BPEL 8.25 GIRTH 6.00
    Current (but not cemented): NBPEL 5.75 BPEL 6.50

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    Yes. All the knowledge and information on how to grow is in these very forums. The two things you have to bring to succeed in PE, is persistence and patience.