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How do you know when reduced EQ is PE-related?

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  • How do you know when reduced EQ is PE-related?

    Lately i have been having some lousy erections. My PE routine is a little sporadic as well. Some days I work out heavy, some days light, and of course some days not at all (I know, I know, a set routine is ideal). But I am concerned over my erections which just seem a little weak. Granted, I am always a tad stressed over something and have depressive tendencies so it could very well be psychological. But of course there's also the chance it could be related to PE, especially considering the sometimes heavier workouts i do. So, I am wondering if there are any surefire (or almost surefire) ways to tell if a weakened EQ is related to PE or not..

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    it happened to me a couple weeks ago i felt that my erections were really bad
    take a break, a week or so with no PE at all then get a journal start a stable routine schedule and do yourself a favor and get JP's beginner routine, stick to the basics now do not go heavy on your dick till at least a couple months down the road
    trust me even 20 min of PE is amazing when you first start, you will feel a crazy sex drive (which i have right now) and amazing erections
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      post your routine and the amount of time you've been jelqing (weeks, months,etc) to give us a better idea of where you might be going wrong.

      sometimes stress can be a major factor. i remember when i was about 17-18 and i was soooo stressed that i couldnt get an erection in the 20 minutes i spend trying really hard to get one. that lasted a few days, when i stopped 'thinking' so much it actually came back solid. theres alot of phycological and physiological things it could boil down to.
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