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    howdy guys i'm weber i have been reading alot about PE for the past few years never tried it was always scared that i would hurt my self but i think i am ready to start an was just wondering what the best safest way to get the legth an girth i want
    start- 5 1/2" 5"
    goal- 9" 7"

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    Welcome to the forums. Are you a native English speaker? At any rate, the first thing you want to do is look up the Beginner's Routine and try that out. There's also JonPop's routine which is tad more intense than beginner's and should be done only if your unit doesn't get a workout from Beginner's. Also:

    1. Take it slow, don't rush into advanced workouts. Rushing in is a sure way of hurting yourself
    2. Quality workouts are likely more beneficial than quantity workouts.
    3. When in doubt, do a less intense workout (ie, grip lightly or stretch lightly) than a more intense one.
    4. Always Heat up your penis before and after, for an adequate duration of time. This helps make PE safe, and helps in the effectiveness of the workout
    5. Crawl the forums and read as much as you can.
    6. Develop a positive attitude towards PE if you don't have one already
    7. Maintain a Progress Log.

    Best of luck


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      Take a look at the Sticky on the top of the beginner forum. 'JP's 90 day beginner routine' that will teach you alot in itself. dont 'not' read it because it might be a little bit lengthy. sometimes reading the lengthy posts can give you the knowledge to make you lengthy! na'm sayin? :P
      Start / Current
      NBPEL: 6"
      EG: 4.5

      Short Term Goal

      NBPEL: 6.5"
      EG: 5.0


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        ok guys thanks so much
        start- 5 1/2" 5"
        goal- 9" 7"


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          Good advice for all beginers on this thread.