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In the long run, is it better to gain girth before length?

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  • In the long run, is it better to gain girth before length?

    I ask this because I picture it as follows: imagine you have an average sized dick. If you gained a lot of girth, and then went on to gain a lot of length, would the enlarged girth of the penis remain constant up the length of the shaft, even in the areas where you added new length? I say this, as I can imagine girth gains could be trickier to achieve in a longer penis than a shorter one. Or am I completely wrong here, and BECAUSE of the greater area to work with it's now easier to gain girth? PE vets, I think this is a question aimed at you. Made a diagram too if you thought this didn't make much sense.
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    It depends on which part of the penis you exercise to make it longer. If you stretch the ligaments and pull out your inner penis, the girth will stay constant because you havent added length to the shaft, but the inner structures of the shaft. Hanging/certain types of stretching is good for this. The more inner penis you pull out, the longer your dick is (without altering girth).

    Adding length to the shaft itself is when there is cellular hypertrophy and mitosis. This will decrease your girth. The tunica tug exercise only stretches the shaft itself, this will reduce your girth.

    Either way, start working on what you need the most. If youre dying for length, do it. If you want girth, do it.
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      So it's dependant on the exercise? Makes sense. In that case could it be easier to first focus on girth, like you say, and then after making the desired gains do the 'inner' length exercise which doesn't impact girth?


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        It's hard to tell unless you isolate each exercise and try it long enough to see the results you are looking for. Here is my experience: I jelqed exclusively for over three months and gained length and girth (along the entire length of my penis) in proportion. My base girth is somewhat larger now than my mid-shaft girth, but that is because of all the stretching I have done. (When I started the stretches to the exclusion of jelqing, I continued to gain girth).

        I think you will find that you will gain either in length or in girth more easily. Most people have a tendancy to gain faster in one than the other. Just try to create some kind of balanced program for yourself. I don't think you can go wrong with Jon Pop's 90 day routine.
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