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  • Advice Needed - 6 Months On

    Hi Folks,
    I'm looking for some advice.

    I've been jelqing for about 6 months now, but without any gains. I started off with some basic stretching & jelqing for about 2 months, and only got some flaccid gains. Next, I did JP's 90 Day Routine, but didn't gain there either. After reading various threads, I thought I might have been over-training ( I was exercising for over an hour a session 5 days on/2 days off), so cut it back to about half an hour routine + edging, 1 day on/2 days off.

    I've read a lot of success stories here, and have no doubt that PE works, but I've also read some scare stories about people who have been exercising for years without anything to show.

    Anyway, I've had a break of about a month now, and am hoping for some advice as to what to try next?


    By the way, I think the whole concept of PE is great, even if you don't get gains. I can last much longer in bed now, and I'm sure that's as a result of PE - so don't consider this a negative story!!

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    A good place to start is to post what you are after. Length, girth? Both? Do you have one that is more of a priority? I tend to focus ONLY on what I want most at the time. Too many guys do way too much...warm up, stretches, jelqs, more stretches, squeezes, edging etc. That doesn't work for everyone. Many guys tend to lose focus as well when they have so many different things they are trying to cram into a PE routine. They seem to want to get it all and NOW. What exactly were you doing for your last routine? Did you write down your sessions, exercises done, TIME done on each exercise? Did you just ''wing it'' and do ''about'' XX number of this or that? Give US some insight so we can help you better.


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      Thanks for the reply...I'm looking for both length and girth - if I got 1 inch both ways, I'd be more than happy. If I was gonna prioritise: I'd say length (I'm only 5'' BPEL). I fully realise that it takes time, and I guess that's why I'm still here...!
      My last routine was just basic jelqs and V jelqs - about 200 per session - nothing else (apart from warming up and down). I was also doing some edging on the off days.
      I guess I haven't been tracking my sesssions in as much detail as you're suggesting - I will certainly start to do that..

      Do you think I should do some more advanced exercises that target length only?

      Thanks again..


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        Still hoping for some guidance here??


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          I'm beginning to realize that PE is not any different from weight training..... I'm new at PE but a vet at weight training and I can tell you that rest is just as important as the work outs.... are you resting enough? maybe you need a couple weeks off? maybe you are over doing it in your work outs?
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            Yeah, that's what I thought as well, so I switched to a much lighter routine, but still no results. Haven't done any PE (apart from edging) for the last month, so I reckon I'm ready to try something new now..