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How to get a better grip stretching?

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  • How to get a better grip stretching?

    As the topic states, how do you get a better grip while stretching? I'm having a problem holding stretches particularly outward, upward and A stretches.
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    BPFSL - 7.0625
    MEG - 5.25

    BPEL - 7.25
    BPFSL - 7.5
    MEG - 5.5

    BPEL - 8" (or less if I start hitting the wife's cervix)
    MEG - 6"

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    I've found for myself, if I ''anchor'' the front of my penis around my hand, my grip is amplified many times. See my ''Titans Grip'' or ''Super Lig Stretch'' posts in the Advanced forums for visual examples:

    I've been an advocate for a while for not trying to use a grip that pulls directly on the glans. I personally find it uncomfortable. It's also much harder to maintain a good grip. With the slippage of the skin/skin contact (hand and glans abrasion), it's easy to make the glans extremely chaffed and overly sensitive if you are not careful with some of the stronger stretches.


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      Take som toilet-paper. Perfect.
      Measurements (Current):
      BPEL: 7.25"
      HG: ~6.25"|MEG:6.25"|Low shaft EG:6.5"|BG: 7"


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        I’m thinking I have the same problem with this as well. But, I don’t know if I’m supposed to be stretching the penis, or the skin around it. The only way I can stretch the penis itself is by grabbing just below the head, which apparently is a big no-no. However, if I grip anywhere else further down the shaft, all I do is stretch the skin (or so it feels). I just notice that I pull pretty much nothing but skin from the base area when gripping anywhere else besides direclty below the head. So, I’m not exactly sure which area of stretch I’m supposed to be focused on – the base skin, or the penis. If it’s the penis, then I need to find a better way to tug on this thing.

        Stillwantmore: I’m not in to the advanced stretches yet – at this moment I’m only looking for basic techniques.


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          Use baby powder.
          Starting stats:

          Fl- Turtle
          Nbpel- 5"
          Bpel- 6"
          Eg- 5"


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            @hethen- I too face the same problem.


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              Are you guys uncircumcised? I am and it makes it a little tough to get a good grip when stretching. The solution that works for me:

              1) Pull the foreskin back so the skin around your penis is loose enough.
              2) Get a grip far enough back and really clamp down so as to grip the internal structures of the penis - make sure there is enough loose skin behind your grip to ensure it's the penis that's getting stretched and not the skin.
              3) Go wild.

              I notice it helps me to have my penis a little plumped up before going for a stretch, say maybe a 10% erection. That seems to give me something to hold on to. I guess a higher amount of blood trapped beyond the grip could be dangerous, maybe someone with more know-how could comment.

              Stillwantmore - do you grip with only two fingers? Man, you must have some strong fingers... Always find my hand starting to give up before my penis


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                Originally posted by joeygrower View Post
                Use baby powder.

                PESG mentioned this in one of his posts, and it works great.


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                  wash hands with a bar of soap beforehand

                  dries your skin out and removes grease -> easier to maintain decent grip, less messy than baby powder
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                    Nope, I’m cut. I’ve tried it at up to a 50/60% erection, and still had trouble pulling too much skin. I gripped pretty tight…not sure how much tighter I want to go. I could probably try a more fuller erection, but then I don’t think you get a good stretch doing it that way, right?


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                      Stretch when you're erect? Isn't that as dumb as cut your penis with a pair of scissors?
                      Measurements (Current):
                      BPEL: 7.25"
                      HG: ~6.25"|MEG:6.25"|Low shaft EG:6.5"|BG: 7"


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                        I like WantMore's suggestion of stretching (or jelqing) when you are a little pumped. I find that this always leads to a better grip.

                        I have used cloth gloves (not the latex ones) to maintain a better grip, especially if I use a lot of lubrication. You can buy them at most pharmacies two to three in a box.
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                          Hethen - no! Gyrta's right.. Not with that much of an erection - I tried that and possible injuries aside, it actually makes it too hard to clamp down on the penis itself. If it's very slightly plumped up it's like i get a bulge at the end which makes it easier to get a grip... and it's almost flaccid behind the grip. Not too worried about an injury now, though I was earlier, because a) I don't try to tear it off, and b) forcing blood down into the end is pretty much what you do while jelquing, right?
                          I should warn you, PhibbysHammer had actually told me not to do this when I was just starting out again, but honestly, I can't seem to get any sort of grip on it any other way. And now that I'm more conditioned, all I feel is an intense stretch, no negative PIs.. so I feel like I'm good to go with this. Maybe you could ask him for advice? All I can say is that this works for me. Pretty well.


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                            Haha, yeah, I didn't think it seemed like a good idea, but figured I'd throw it out there anyways. I don't know what good a glove would do me because it's not the grip that I'm having a problem with, it's that there's too much skin that slides around on the penis, unless I grip it right underneath the head. It doesn't hurt or anything after I stretch, and I've just been following JP's 90 day routine. Bah, who knows... What I DO know is I'd like to avoid injury to my member at all costs


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                              baby powder work wonders.