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  • My Beginning Routine

    Hey all, wanted to share my starting routine. Already posted in my Intro thread but wanted to stick it up here for people to comment on.

    Its a 2-on, 1-off routine

    Water bath warm up - 5 mins
    2 sets of Light stretches - Up, straight out, left, right (25 x 2sec kegels for each stretch)
    10 Uli Squeeze - 10secs each
    50 wet jelq
    30 v jelq
    50 wet jelq
    30 v jelq
    Water bath warm down - 5 mins

    Planning on following this for 30 days, then potentially adding another 50 wet jelqs before the warm down.

    Im trying not to go too heavy on the jelqs for the time being, do NOT want to cause any harm, so will be easing in gently for the first week.

    The Uli's might seem a bit unconventional for a beginner, but i have actually been doing them (without realising they had a name, lol) on and off for a couple of weeks now. I do 10 x 10sec squeezes, and dont think this will be too intense for a begineer. I like the Uli's as it has definitely improved my EQ. Did them every day for 3 days a couple of weeks back and woke up with a stone hard morning wood every day.

    One thing i've heard about on the forums is Positive Indicators. Could anyone share what these are? is there a list of P.I.'s on the forums?

    Have done 2 days so far (rest day tomorrow) and will be keeping a paper log. If/when i see progress i'll post a progress blog on the forums.

    For now, any comments/questions/advice about my routine?
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    I've only been doing PE here for about 2 weeks, but you might underestimate warmup/warmdown. I find 10 minutes minimum seems to help bloodflow a lot. The positive indicator I've seen so far is flaccid gains (I think from stretching), and not turtling during the day as much. I'm not sure if I've truly achieved erect gains, but I'll be measuring again in a week or so.

    Make sure you stick to 2 on 1 off. If you feel any pain you should probably post here about what to do.

    I'd be interested to hear about the uli's as well for a beginner. I tried 2 lightly recently and was interested in doing more.
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      My only concern would be the ulis, otherwise it's a good routine. If you're sure you're perfectly comfortable with 10 reps then feel free to carry on. I would however reccommend perhaps knocking it down to between 3-5.

      Here's the thread on PI's.

      Good luck gaining Marj!
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