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  • parabens in lotion lower test

    I read in my musle magazine that parbens in lotions and stuff can lower testosterone because the molecule structure is so similar to estrogen the body thinks it's producing more estrogen then test.It says that their proven to lower testosterone.Could rubbing these vitamin E lotions on my penis to keep in looking healthy that have parabens in them lower my test levels and could they make my penis smaller and reduce size increase ?I rub them on it everyday should I stop?

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    There's research but not a lot of definitive result data. The greatest risk of parabens is a link to breast cancer however, you will see articles claiming it lowers testosterone and can actually cause men to grow breasts ect...........which is a sign of too high estrogen levels. This is interesting because though parabens are said to mimick estrogen, it is also a fact that they have "NO" estrogen abilities, in other words they can't influence your body the way estrogen does, so that is a major contradiction by the same folks who wave the red flags. The lower testosterone theory comes from tests done on lab rats, which is acceptable but it reminds me of when I was a teen in school.

    I Remember a speech for the FFA public speaking contest in which pork was said to cause cancer in lab rats. It was proven by researchers that if they fed the rats enough pork they could actually nurture any possible cancer the rat may be subject to. I don't remember the exact numbers but what I do remember is that the average human would have to consume 6-8 lbs of pork per day for over 60 years to match the ratio of pork induced in the rats and in fact be at equal risk.
    I myself am not overly concerned with parabens as I have been using skin lotion for years and years with no adverse effects but for someone else I would say bottom line is err on the side of caution and replace whatever paraben laced lotion you are using with a paraben free lotion and stop worrying.
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