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Increasing shooting length and duration with kegels

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  • Increasing shooting length and duration with kegels

    Hey, so as opposed to jelqing, which I started just a few days ago, I've been kegeling for a good month after having taken a bit of a "break" since I was freakin' lazy. In an effort to increase my strength more quickly, for the past week or so I've been doing pretty much just towel lifts 2 days in, then a day of break.

    I feel like this is the best strengthening exercise I've found on the Gym.

    Now the thing is - will this increase the length that cum shoots out and will the orgasms last longer if I keep on this "program"? Cuz I've seen this crazy video on a porn site with an over 40 minute compilation of guys that would be cumming non stop for like 30 seconds, and then some more, and it would go as high as the ceiling.

    Am I on the right track to achieving this, or does that take some other exercises, not jerkin it for a few weeks or whatever?

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    Yo bro , take take your index and thumb make a ok grip, flip it upside down with your pinky pointing towards the ceiling, jelq the base of dick close to your balls . I did this and it got me shooting loads FARRR and my base girth got alot bigger. I remember before I started jelqing the base like this , I would sit down and jerk off and i would shoot up to my belly maximum , after i did these jelqs , shit flew above my head and landed on my hair.... fck me .. . And im 6'4 btw


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      kegeling and towel raise will strengthen your PC muscle and if you keep that for one or a couple month, you must be stunned with your cumshot
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        I work out all parts of my lower body pretty consistently and included Kegel exercises more recently and the results are pretty astounding. Shooting distance is definitely much further after a few weeks of consistent kegels. I can consistently hit my neck and face while cumming while laying on my back.


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          Correct....what you are doing is working the Pelvic Floor.

          Keep in mind that a strong and balanced Pelvic Floor will give you tremendous overall health. Your erections, all things being equal, will be firmer. Your erections will point up more (well, all things being equal again). You will enjoy more pleasurable orgasms. And, you will likely shoot cum farther when you do ejaculate. You will also likely be able to last longer when experiencing sexual stimulation.

          For a strong AND balanced Pelvic Floor you need to do Kegels and Reverse Kegels.

          Doing the Kegel, which is the strength part to the Pelvic Floor, is when you stop the flow of urine. I do erect kegels....and doing this makes your dick (A) fill up with more blood and (B) jump up at you! :-)

          Doing the Reverse Kegel, which is the stretching part to the Pelvic Floor, is when you force more urine out. I have a hard time doing this when not urinating so I do Hindi Squats.

          If I might suggest, you really need to consider doing both. Keep it strong and balanced. If things become imbalanced, you will suffer unwanted consequences.

          Make sense?
          Start: August, 2017
          Start: 5.50inches BPEL x 5.125inches MEG
          Goal: 7.0inches BPEL x 6.0inches MEG
          Focus: AMAZING EQ! A strong and balanced Pelvic Floor!! Awesome Hip Flexibility!!!