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Size Genetics kit for 1/2 price

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  • Size Genetics kit for 1/2 price

    i have a Size Genetics extender kit that i've decided i don't want. i've had it for a week and it hasn't made direct contact with my dick yet. i'm going to be using other methods instead so i have no need for this. unfortunately i can't return it to them so if anyone is interested it's yours for $175 (HALF PRICE). it includes the Penis Health DVD and all of the various attachments, as well as the nifty case. this is a 100% legit offer. paying through Paypal will insure you as well. please send me a PM if interested!

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    Because no one wants a used dick machine


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      ^ it's not used if you read my original post.

      I can't return it to them because I anxiously opened the bags with the attachments to see what they were all about. Once those bags are opened, evidently it's not returnable. Perhaps I can try and contact them to make an exception. But I'll gladly sell it to anyone who wants it on here. It hasn't actually been on my penis.


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        Oh nooooooooooooooooooo!! Heaven forbid it touched another penis at sometime.......c'mon guys, you can wash it and sterilize it if its in "like New" condition. Your GF's mouth would have more germs and bacteria than a stretcher with attachments would.

        I'll start the bidding at $50 U.S., as a possible prize for some needy Gym member.
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          Sorry guys but my alter ego is kickin in.......................... To elaborate on my previous statements..................................

          Where have your hands been? Yet you handle it with those nasty hands constantly, and before you deny it, I have seen at least 60-75% of men piss without ever once washing their hands, before or after so don't lie. How many women out there would you stick it in though there have been countless others stuck in her? Sure you could wear a condom, hell you could wear a condom while stretching if you want to. I just want to make sure you guys are consistent in your quests for sterile, "untainted" peter toys.
          Dr. PhibbysHammer has not got 3 degrees from HARVARD, YALE and PRINCETON and is in no way LICENSED TO PRACTICE MEDICINE or PSYCHOLOGY.


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            i will pay $50.00 thats all i can send right now


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              reply if can


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                @footlong: i am quite anxious to get rid of it but $50 is a bit, well, low. is that your best offer?


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                  Ill offer you $100
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                    selling also

                    Hi all,
                    I hate to hijack this thread, but i also have a completey unused size genetics device that i thought would go to waste, but seeing the interest in this thread, i thought i should probably put mine up for bidding as well. I bought it and after watching the dvd realized it wasn't for me, I haven't even touched the thing. I hope I'm not being rude by posting this, but I figure that as long as someone may want it, I would be a fool to let it sit here forever.


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                      *CURRENT MINIMUM BID IS $100*

                      Still Taking Offers


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                        If this is a bid / auction then you should probably add a finish time and date.

                        Maybe even a buyout?

                        Just to make it easier for anyone interesting in buying!
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                          good idea LookAlive. i was thinking about doing that.

                          The LAST day for bidding will be Friday November 6!

                          Please take note!

                          *ACCEPTING ANY AND ALL OFFERS TIL 11/6/09*


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                            *CURRENT MINIMUM BID IS $125*

                            *Feel free to PM with your bid or simply post it here*


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                              *CURRENT BID STILL @ $125*

                              Auctions ends tomorrow!

                              PM or post your bids here!