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Question concerning penile aesthetics and penis exercises

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  • Question concerning penile aesthetics and penis exercises

    Is there any chance, that by doing penile exercises that my dick will look all nasty, fucked up, and really really wrinkly after like a year or so worth of exercising?
    (something similar to an elephant's trunk, but more so nasty.)

    Just trying to make sure that rumors aren't true.

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    If you do things wrong and keep injuring yourself, that's a possibility. Do things right and you have nothing to worry about.


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      Nope. Okay next question. Hey maybe we can do multiple choice;I'm really good at those. I'm not too go at true/false; I awlays answer true because I never thought my teacher would lie to me. They did!
      The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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        If you take care of your dick then it will look fine( probably more veiny) but fine. Some peoples dicks turn darker over time from advance girth exercises and/or pumping. It's the price to pay for a bigger dick. No reason to insult elephants


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          Originally posted by Steve23 View Post
          No reason to insult elephants
          I never realized that I hurt so many elephants. :c